Norway Healthcare Data Breach, Up to 2.9 Million People Affected

data breach

2.9 Million citizens of Norway are under a potential threat of identity theft. On Monday (15th Jan) the healthcare organization called Health South-East Regional Health Authority of Norway announced the data breach of nearly half of the country’s citizens. HelseCERT reported the Healthcare organization of suspicious behavior in the computer systems in the particular region. After conducting an … Read more

OnePlus Hacked: 40,000 Customers Affected by the Hack

OnePlus hacked

OnePlus releases an official note to confirm the Credit card data breach on their website ““. The breach has affected 40,000 customers in just 3 months. In their official note, they said the breach has affected 40,000 customers who made a transaction using their credit card between mid-November 2017 and 11 January 2018. The note … Read more

Skygofree – One of The Most Powerful Android Spyware


With huge market comes huge risks too, Android is been always the preferred (affordable) connectivity device used by billions of people. With billions of people using androids, it attracts thousands of thieves(hackers) too. An android spyware and vulnerabilities are not so rare nowadays, vulnerabilities like Janus and spyware like Tizi are just two drops from the ocean of … Read more

How Scientists Can Read Your Inner Emotions Using Wifi Signals


You might think that you can fake an emotion with your facial expressions. But what about your heartbeat and breathing rate, your emotion can be guessed by just analyzing your body conditions. EQ-Radio is a device which is invented by MIT researchers, the idea of building up EQ-Radio was derived from the earlier movement recognition … Read more

Alert! Facebook Messenger Now Used For Spreading Cryptocurrency Mining Virus


On 21st December, Security researchers at TrendMicro released a blog post explaining about a cryptocurrency mining virus dubbed as “Digmine“. The virus is spreading rapidly because it uses world’s most popular platform “Facebook Messenger” as the medium to spread. Digmine is a cryptocurrency mining virus targetting the users of Facebook Messenger’s Desktop/Web versions. So, if you are … Read more

CeWL: Custom Wordlist Generator Taking URL as Parameter

Cewl wordlist generator is different from other wordlist generators as it takes the website URL as a parameter. It does so by crawling the website source code and picking up the interesting words from it. It comes preloaded with Kali Linux. If it is not present on your Linux machine you can get it from here. … Read more

Cupp: A Target Specific Wordlist Generator


Have you ever tried keeping password which has your partner, pet or any other specific name or date related to you? If your answer is yes, then you are gonna change your password after reading this article. A target specific wordlist generator tool dubbed “cupp”, can easily guess your password. It does so by performing … Read more

Quantum Computing and Information Security

quantum computing

Let us first focus on understanding what Quantum Computing refers to and why it is required. Let us have a brief look at working of a Classical Computer and Quantum Computer. The Working A classical computer is made up of very simple components doing simple operations, like representing data, means of processing data and the … Read more

Android vulnerability Janus malware Allows Hackers to Modify Apps

Relevance score 0: Android’s regular security update for December 2017 included a fix for Janus malware With over 2 Billion active devices Android market is the biggest smartphone market and competitor of IOS devices. But these 2 Billions of devices are at a severe security risk by the detection of this newly discovered vulnerability. The vulnerability dubbed … Read more

Tizi: New Android Spyware Discovered by Google

Google play protect is well known for its new AI-powered malware detection mechanism, Google Play Protect Service recently detected an Android spyware dubbed as “Tizi.” Targeting devices in African countries, Tizi comes with fully featured android rooting and data collection capabilities. It creates a backdoor in the affected device and sends sensitive information related to … Read more

Firefox To Alert Users When They Visit Previously Hacked Website

Mozilla Firefox recently launched their all-new version of Firefox, the “Firefox Quantum,” which tends to be faster than its competitor Google Chrome, compared to chrome, firefox quantum uses 30% fewer resources and is quite faster. Quantum launched with brand new stylish design and couple of new features including the tracking protection feature. Apart from the … Read more

Google Caught Collecting Android Location Data Even When GPS is Disabled

There are over 2 billion people using Androids nowadays, this figure is given by Google itself, in the month of May 2017 Google announced that there are over 2 billion active smartphone users. But what Google didn’t announce is that these 2 billion smartphones data is been collected by Google for there location-based marketing purpose. … Read more

Windows Defender Can’t Defend You Anymore

Windows Defender, which is by default an anti-threat software for Windows operating system can be bypassed using a technique called Illusion Gap. Security Researchers at CyberArk on this Thursday published a blog post explaining about this new technique of bypassing Windows Defender called Illusion Gap. (Windows Defender is widely used as a default anti-malware program in … Read more

New FinFisher Campaigns Are Scary. Read why

FinFisher an infamous spyware which was widely sold to the government organizations and other agencies. Security researchers at ESET discovered malware/surveillance campaigns utilizing variants of FinFisher in the wild. “New surveillance campaigns utilizing FinFisher, are in the wild, featuring technical improvements, some of these variants have been using a cunning, previously-unseen infection vector with strong indicators … Read more

WikiLeaks Revealed CIA Tool To Monitor Linux Network Traffic


WikiLeaks as part of Vault 7 leaks published documents from a project of CIA dubbed as ‘OutlawCountry‘. The documents published on Thursday on their website explains about a malware which probably CIA used to monitor the network traffic of Linux users. The two documents named as ‘OutlawCountry v1.0 User Manual‘ and ‘OutlawCountry v1.0 Test Plan‘ … Read more

Linux Machine Can Be Remotely Hijacked By Malicious DNS Response

linux systemd bug

Now Linux machines can be hacked using a malicious DNS response (TCP). An attacker just has to send a Psuedo DNS Response to the victim. This vulnerability has been discovered in Systemd, which is a popular service manager for Linux machines, it allows remote attackers to overflow the buffer to execute a malware on the … Read more

Details of over 198 million U.S voters leaked

Chris Vickery, a security researcher at UpGuard, discovered that nearly 198 million U.S voters were kept exposed on an unsecured Amazon S3 server. The researcher says that the data included sensitive details of the voters. Chris Vickery is the researcher who previously discovered the data leak of 100 million Mexican voters. This is largest data … Read more