Cupp: A Target Specific Wordlist Generator

Have you ever tried keeping password which has your partner, pet or any other specific name or date related to you? If your answer is yes, then you are gonna change your password after reading this article.

A target specific wordlist generator tool dubbed “cupp”, can easily guess your password. It does so by performing very basic permutation and combination operation. It will first ask you to give some information about the victim. This information can be easily retrieved from the targets social media accounts, website(if any) or by a mutual friend.

Let’s see how to install this tool.

You can easily install this tool by entering this command in your Linux terminal(Kali Linux in my case).

root@Hackingvision:~# git clone

After the cloning move to the folder cupp by typing.

root@Hackingvision:~# cd  cupp

Now we need to run the main python script which allows us to do specific tasks. to do that enter.

root@Hackingvision:~/cupp# python

The output will be something like this.


To generate a wordlist select any one of these options in the output. For example, you can try something like this.

root@Hackingvision:~/cupp# python -i

[+] Insert the informations about the victim to make a dictionary
[+] If you don't know all the info, just hit enter when asked! ;)

> First Name: morgan
> Surname: peter
> Nickname: parker
> Birthdate (DDMMYYYY): 09091997

> Partners) name: 
> Partners) nickname: spiderman
> Partners) birthdate (DDMMYYYY):

> Child's name: 
> Child's nickname: 
> Child's birthdate (DDMMYYYY):

> Pet's name: scooby
> Company name: hackingvision

> Do you want to add some key words about the victim? Y/[N]: any specific keyword
> Do you want to add special chars at the end of words? Y/[N]: n
> Do you want to add some random numbers at the end of words? Y/[N]:n
> Leet mode? (i.e. leet = 1337) Y/[N]: y

[+] Now making a dictionary...
[+] Sorting list and removing duplicates...
[+] Saving dictionary to morgan.txt, counting 1524 words.
[+] Now load your pistolero with morgan.txt and shoot! Good luck!

There are couple more options like downloading the dictionary file from the repository. Which you can do by simply entering this command.

root@Hackingvision:~/cupp# python -l

The output will be something like this:cupp2

after this, it will make a .txt file and store the wordlist in that file.

If you guys are already having “The Lazy Script” you will be having cupp already in your system which you can find in the dedicated folder.

Video Tutorial:

A huge credit to the author of this tool.
GitHub Link Cupp