Check Out the Latest Streaming Platforms

It is a great idea to get acquainted with new streaming platforms. Digital streaming has not taken over all other forms of consuming content such as watching television or physical discs like DVDs and the like. There is so much material out there now that you’ll soon forget the old days of renting DVDs (like … Read more

LinkedIn API Pricing: What You Need to Know


LinkedIn is a powerful tool for businesses, professionals, and job seekers to network and find opportunities. With its API, companies can access the millions of users on LinkedIn’s platform to leverage valuable insights about their markets and potential customers. However, before accessing this data, it’s important to understand the pricing associated with the LinkedIn API. … Read more

How to Watch the World Cup Online

World Cup Online

The FIFA World Cup has already provided fans with some incredible action from Qatar. With Germany losing to Japan and Argentina suffering defeat to Saudi Arabia, it’s clear that this World Cup is going to be one for the history books! Not only that, it could be the last ever World Cup for two legends … Read more

Best Black Friday VPN Deals 

Black Friday VPN Deals 

Our modern world is reliant on technology and connectivity. Whether you want to use your laptop to work remotely from anywhere in the world, use your smartphone to stream Netflix movies, or use a tablet to watch sports live streams. The internet seems to be this global omniscient, and omnipresent element that the world is … Read more

Will Machine Translations ever Replace Human Translators?

Machine Translations

There are more than 7,000 languages in the world today, so you might agree that it would be impossible for anyone to learn them all. However, people have always been able to communicate despite sometimes not speaking the same language. Historically, this was only possible through the help of human translators. However, recently, there have … Read more

The Biggest Global Cyberattacks in History

biggest hacking attacks

Being locked out of your laptop until you pay a ransom and having your social media accounts stolen are just two examples of hacking. However, when such hacking attempts move beyond a single person to an entire enterprise, it becomes a cyberattack. As you can imagine, a lot of damage can happen from a cyberattack … Read more

Top 10 Remote Work Companies for Developers in 2022

software developer

Only a small number of employment opportunities can truly offer you significant flexibility, a friendly workplace, and manageable tasks if you’re a developer seeking for a chance to work from anywhere. You presumably want a good list of businesses that provide remote employment if you’re reading this. And let us tell you, you are in … Read more

WiFi 6: A Primer


This year, WiFi 6 will be hitting our computers. Its debut will be big, and its impact will soon be felt. WiFi 6 is the newest standard of Wireless Fidelity and contains better and improved features than its predecessors. With WiFi 6’s big arrival, WiFi will connect to more devices, deliver higher video resolution for … Read more

Tips for Staying Safe Online While Conducting Business Affairs


Whether you’re the owner of a retail store or a delivery service almost every organization uses the internet to conduct business. But in today’s digital world you’re also subjected to cyber criminals and harmful computer viruses. Staying safe online is one security task you don’t want to compromise on. Research shows that cybercrime will cost … Read more

Cloud Security Testing: What It Is, Purpose, Benefits, Scope, Top Cloud Security Testing Companies, and More

Cloud security testing is a process that is used to identify and mitigate the risks associated with the use of cloud computing services. Cloud security testing can be performed by companies that have the experience and expertise to assess the security of your cloud infrastructure. In this article, we will explore what cloud security is, … Read more

Ergo (ERG) Next-generation Smart Contract Platform


So what is Ergo? It’s a blockchain network that has been in development for ten years. The company derives its knowledge and experience from the best academic research in the field of cryptography, consensus models, and digital currencies. Blockchain is a fast-growing field and there are many new developments in the near future. But it … Read more

Gallia – Extendable Pentesting Framework

gallia hacking

Gallia is an extendable pentesting framework with a focus on the automotive domain. The scope of Gallia is conducting penetration tests from a single ECU up to whole cars, with the main focus on the UDS interface. Taking advantage of this modular design, the logging and archiving functionality was developed separately. Acting as a generic … Read more

Content Hacking – What is it And Why it is Important?

man sofa laptop

As more and more businesses are beginning to see the advantages of online marketing, there has been a primary interest in content hacking. While a relatively new term, content hacking relies on some fundamental marketing principles. This article explains what content hacking is all about and why you should care. What is Content Hacking? Before … Read more

Writing Tips for Cybersecurity Professionals

man laptop headphones

Cybersecurity experts spend most of their time working on protecting computers. This is very important, but it isn’t the only aspect of their jobs. Being a cybersecurity engineer, you would need to communicate your findings with your colleagues and management. Hence, it’s essential to get good writing skills. This article hopes to help in this … Read more