End-to-end encryption: why is it so secure?


What is end-to-end encryption? In end-to-end encrypted aka asymmetrically encrypted chats, both you and your correspondent have a public and a private key, which can be used to securely send messages to each other, without having to share sensitive information with a third party. Both parties exchange and/or publish their public keys, which are used … Read more

Quantum Computing and Information Security

quantum computing

Let us first focus on understanding what Quantum Computing refers to and why it is required. Let us have a brief look at working of a Classical Computer and Quantum Computer. The Working A classical computer is made up of very simple components doing simple operations, like representing data, means of processing data and the … Read more

Encrypting USB, Mass Storage Devices With LUKS

usb stick

In this guide you will learn how to Encrypt a USB or Mass Storage Devices with LUKS encryption. What is LUKS ? Known as Linux Unified Key Setup or LUKS it is a disk encryption specification LUKS specifies a platform-independent standard on-disk format for use in various tools. This not only facilitates compatibility and interoperability among different … Read more