End-to-end encryption: why is it so secure?


What is end-to-end encryption? In end-to-end encrypted aka asymmetrically encrypted chats, both you and your correspondent have a public and a private key, which can be used to securely send messages to each other, without having to share sensitive information with a third party. Both parties exchange and/or publish their public keys, which are used … Read more

Quantum Computing and Information Security

quantum computing

Let us first focus on understanding what Quantum Computing refers to and why it is required. Let us have a brief look at working of a Classical Computer and Quantum Computer. The Working A classical computer is made up of very simple components doing simple operations, like representing data, means of processing data and the … Read more

Researchers Crack AES-256 Using Only $200 Worth Of Equipment


Security Researchers at Fox-IT made a device which can sniff the AES-256 keys from 1m of distance. The AES-256 encryption is been used by Military forces to and many other big organizations to keep their secret data safe. It is also used by the famous crypto currency Bitcoin for blockchain encryption. If the key is … Read more

Encrypting USB, Mass Storage Devices With LUKS

usb stick

In this guide you will learn how to Encrypt a USB or Mass Storage Devices with LUKS encryption. What is LUKS ? Known as Linux Unified Key Setup or LUKS it is a disk encryption specification LUKS specifies a platform-independent standard on-disk format for use in various tools. This not only facilitates compatibility and interoperability among different … Read more