hackers are exploiting corona-virus fears for cyber spying


hackers are exploiting coronavirus fears for cyber spying State-sponsored hackers and criminals in China and around the world are targeting their victims using the ongoing coronavirus to hack and spy and their victims. These attacks are not limited to state-sponsored hacking. Hacking groups associated with the Chinese and Russian governments and other governments have recently … Read more

NordVPN admits that it was hacked – HackingVision


NordVPN a well known company that offers VPN (Virtual Private Network) services has confirmed that it was hacked. NordVPN admitted that some of its servers had been breached last year in March 2018. The news comes after rumors surfaced that NordVPN’s servers had been hacked. Problems had first arisen when hackers discovered that NordVPN was … Read more

BriansClub Hacked Over 26 Million Credit and Debit Cards Leaked

Credit Debit Cards Leaked

Infamous Website BriansClub Hacked Over 26 Million Credit and Debit Cards Leaked 26 Million Credit Debit Cards Leaked! 26 Million Credit Debit Cards Leaked: BriansClub an infamous underground website that sells stolen credit and debit cards has been hacked and over 26 million credit and debit card dumps have been leaked. Over a period of … Read more

Jeopardy Winner Pleads Guilty To Hacking Work Colleagues Email Accounts


Jeopardy Winner Pleads Guilty To Hacking Work Colleagues Email Accounts Stephanie Jass 48 from Tecumseh Michigan, was a contestant on American TV game show Jeopardy that was created by Merv Griffi. Jass landed a winning streak in 2012 winning Jeopardy not once but seven times. Stephanie Jass winning streak record was beaten by Julia Collins in 2014. Stephanie … Read more

Norway Healthcare Data Breach, Up to 2.9 Million People Affected

data breach

2.9 Million citizens of Norway are under a potential threat of identity theft. On Monday (15th Jan) the healthcare organization called Health South-East Regional Health Authority of Norway announced the data breach of nearly half of the country’s citizens. HelseCERT reported the Healthcare organization of suspicious behavior in the computer systems in the particular region. After conducting an … Read more

Linux Machine Can Be Remotely Hijacked By Malicious DNS Response

linux systemd bug

Now Linux machines can be hacked using a malicious DNS response (TCP). An attacker just has to send a Psuedo DNS Response to the victim. This vulnerability has been discovered in Systemd, which is a popular service manager for Linux machines, it allows remote attackers to overflow the buffer to execute a malware on the … Read more

Dvmap: Android-Rooting Trojan with Code Injection Ability

dvmap android rooting trojan

Earlier today Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab released a blog post explaining about an Android-rooting trojan with code injection ability spreading through the Android official play store (Google Play Store). The attackers are using several techniques to hack fool the google’s security framework, earlier this week we have mentioned in our blog post how hackers … Read more

Around 25 Percent TalkTalk Customers Could Still Be Left With Vulnerable Routers

Up to 25 Percent of TalkTalk UK Customers Could Still Left With Vulnerable Routers Around 25 Percent TalkTalk UK Customers Could Still Be Left Vulnerable Routers Back in late 2016 exploits were found in D-Link DSL-3680 routers provided by TalkTalk. This exploit known as in the Hacker World as PixieWPS exploit left many home owners and … Read more

Zero Day Discovered in Riverbed Technology’s Steel Central Portal

zero day

Riverbed Technology, Inc. is an American IT company that develops products to improve application performance across wide area networks (WANs), a technique known as WAN optimization. Its products reduce latency and bandwidth constraints in delivering applications via WANs to multiple locations across long distances. It also develops products to support network and application performance management. … Read more

Alert! Microsoft Office Zero-Day Flaw being Exploited in the Wild

office exploits

You are never safe from hacking attacks but it doesn’t mean that you stop trying to keep yourself safe from cyber attacks. Ever wondered that the latest operating system like Windows 10 which is said to be the most secure operating system by Microsoft till date can be hacked by just a simple Microsoft Word … Read more

CIA’s Grasshopper Windows Hacking Framework Revealed

CIA's grasshopper framework

Trending website WikiLeaks today April 7th, 2017, released new 27 documents of vault 7 series of leaked documents, which belonged to US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The Framework named Grasshopper was built by CIA to make customized malware, payloads to bypass the antivirus and hack into Windows operating system. According to WikiLeaks, the Grasshopper framework … Read more

Indian Hacker Helps Uber Fix ‘Unlimited Free Ride’ Bug


Uber Technologies Inc. Uber is an online transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations in 528 cities worldwide. So, what happens if someone finds a way to ride for free in Uber, it will make a loss. Recently, an Indian Security researcher named Anand Prakash discovered a bug in August last received … Read more