Zusy: New PowerPoint Mouseover Based Malware

zusy malware

#Hackers have found a way to download a malicious file when a hover action is performed over a #hyperlink. The interesting fact about this technique is that it did not rely on Macros, JavaScript or VBA for the execution method. This makes it unique as it does not uses normal exploitation methods as most of … Read more

Dvmap: Android-Rooting Trojan with Code Injection Ability

dvmap android rooting trojan

Earlier today Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab released a blog post explaining about an Android-rooting trojan with code injection ability spreading through the Android official play store (Google Play Store). The attackers are using several techniques to hack fool the google’s security framework, earlier this week we have mentioned in our blog post how hackers … Read more

Russian Hackers using Google’s APM Service to hack Gmail Users

gmail hacking campaign

  Everyone is crazy about hacking social media accounts of people, meanwhile, some target social media accounts of celebrities or high ranked officials of the country. Gmail has 1 Billion monthly active users and going on, Gmail is also used for official works by many officials. If such email accounts can be hacked then it can … Read more

Android Malware And The Way You Are Infecting Yourself

adroid malwares

Android is used by 328 million users worldwide, the operating system has dominated the smartphone market. Android, by 3rd quarter of 2016 covered 88% of the smartphone market. Being so popular, the developers showed huge interest in building applications for the platform, in a result of which, the android play store (google play store) now … Read more

EternalRocks: New Malware is Even More Dangerous than WannaCry

Last Few weeks have had a rattling effect on the field of Cyber Security.  Where Security Researcher’s had a hard time for finding solutions to prevent the society from an explicitly dangerous Ransomware WannaCry. The Ransomware So far has affected around 300,000 computers in around 150 countries all over the globe, managing to fund a six … Read more

WannaCry? No Thanks! I have Free Decryption Tool

Wannacry Decrypt

A simple Ransomware which got widely spread around the globe rising tensions around different Cyber Security Firms. The Ransomware so far has made a huge impact by affection around 200,000+ computers around the globe and was able to make 6 digits for the people behind this evil Ransomware. The Ransomware was using an SMB remote … Read more

WannaCry : All You Need To Know About This Trendy Ransomware


From the Start of this year, the Ransomware attacks are taking place in different regions around the globe. One such big ransomware which simple peeps into your computer like a boss and asks you WannaCry? Yes true it really does that, How it does? , what the damage caused by this ransomware? everything we are … Read more

Zero Day Discovered in Riverbed Technology’s Steel Central Portal

zero day

Riverbed Technology, Inc. is an American IT company that develops products to improve application performance across wide area networks (WANs), a technique known as WAN optimization. Its products reduce latency and bandwidth constraints in delivering applications via WANs to multiple locations across long distances. It also develops products to support network and application performance management. … Read more

Alert! Microsoft Office Zero-Day Flaw being Exploited in the Wild

office exploits

You are never safe from hacking attacks but it doesn’t mean that you stop trying to keep yourself safe from cyber attacks. Ever wondered that the latest operating system like Windows 10 which is said to be the most secure operating system by Microsoft till date can be hacked by just a simple Microsoft Word … Read more

NSA’s Hacking Tools and Exploits revealed by Shadow Brokers Group

NSA hacking tools released by shadow brokers

Hot topics now trending is the leak of thousands of documents from CIA’s vault 7 series of documents, these leaks are continuously exposing the USA government previous attempts of hacking systems all over the globe. Apart from these, There was a group known as Shadow Brokers which was back then accused of stealing some of the … Read more

CIA’s Grasshopper Windows Hacking Framework Revealed

CIA's grasshopper framework

Trending website WikiLeaks today April 7th, 2017, released new 27 documents of vault 7 series of leaked documents, which belonged to US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The Framework named Grasshopper was built by CIA to make customized malware, payloads to bypass the antivirus and hack into Windows operating system. According to WikiLeaks, the Grasshopper framework … Read more

EaST – Exploits and Security Tools Framework 2.0.0

Exploits and Security Tools Framework 2.0.0 (Credits C0reL0ader) [sociallocker id=”968″]http://eastfw.com/[/sociallocker] «EAST» – «Exploits And Security Tools» penetration testing framework. Overview Pentest framework environment is the basis of IT security specialist’s toolkit. This software is essential as for learning and improving of knowledge in IT systems attacks and for inspections and proactive protection. The need of … Read more

Inside Internet Security – What Hackers Don’t want You To Know – Addison Wesley 2002 [E-Book]


This book is a practical guide for anyone designing or administering a corporate or e-business network that runs across a number of platforms via the Internet. It arms systems administrators with a thorough understanding of the problems of network security and their solutions, and thus helps realize the tremendous potential of e-business. With the explosion … Read more

Researcher Developed A WMI-Based Hacking Tool in PowerShell

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is a set of specifications from Microsoft for combining the management of devices and applications in a network from Windows computing systems. The Researcher named  Christopher Truncer released a WMI based Agentless Post-Exploitation Remote Accessing Tool Developed in PowerShell on 23 March 2017 as mentioned in his blog post. Last year … Read more

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