Browser-in-the-Browser Technique Being Used In Ukraine Hacking Attacks


A Belarusian threat actor that is known as Ghostwriter (aka UNC1151) has been observed leveraging a browser-in-the-browser technique. This method simulates a browser window in order to launch convincing social engineering campaigns. The Ghostwriter hacking group has used this technique, which masquerades as a legitimate domain by simulating a browser window over the website, to … Read more

What is a Decentralized VPN (dVPN)?

A decentralized VPN is better than conventional VPNs. A decentralized VPN, or dVPN, is an internet-based software application that connects two or more  It’s key to note that a dVPN is different from a traditional VPN because it’s not based on a centralized server. Now let’s talk about the advantages of dVPNs relative to traditional … Read more

Anonymous Hacks Roscomnadzor 820GB Worth of Data Leaked


Anonymous, a collective of hackers and activists, reportedly hacked the Russian telecoms agency Roscomnadzor, which censors pirate sites and media. The breach leaked 820GB worth of data, which has yet to be analyzed. Anonymous claims it obtained 360,000 files from the servers. Although it’s too soon to know for sure, this hack may have revealed … Read more

Stats Widget Hacked in Attempt to Breach Russian Government Websites


Russian authorities say they prevented a cyber-attack by fixing an exploited widget. The Russian Ministry of Economic Development, a state-run organization, developed the widget. On March 8th, it was hacked and installed on government websites. The authorities were quick to realize the threat and fix it. The attacks were quickly localized, but the incident resulted … Read more

Anonymous has conducted a hack of Russian state TV


Anonymous has conducted a hack of Russian state TV in order to show the realities of the Ukrainian war. Vladimir Putin, through the use of propaganda, has been telling Russians that the invasion of Ukraine is a ‘special military operation’ and a peacekeeping exercise. Anonymous’ hacking has revealed this to be false, showing Russia’s harsh … Read more

Volunteer Hackers Unite on Ukraine Conflict With No One in Charge


Hackers have been creating chaos all over the world, including Russia and Ukraine. Starting a week ago, they knocked Russian and Ukrainian government websites offline, defaced Russian media homepages, and graffitied antiwar messages throughout the country. Cyberattacks provoked by the war in Ukraine are unlike any previous conflict. There are hordes of cyberattackers waiting for … Read more

NVIDIA Passwords Leak Online Over 71,000 Employees Data Stolen


The gang of hackers who stole a terabyte of data from NVIDIA, is threatening to release the company’s “most closely-guarded secrets” today if it does not meet their increasingly bizarre demands. The people behind, a website which tracks hacked accounts and leaked credentials, found that the hackers stole the 71,000 Nvidia employee credentials. The … Read more

Mip22 – Advanced Phishing Tool

Mip22 – Advanced Phishing Tool: This program is made for educational purposes only. Mip22 is an open-source project that lets you see first hand  how various phishing method work. Any unnecessary use of the program is prohibited and the manufacturer has no responsibility for any illegal use by anyone. Use the tool at your own … Read more

The best MOV to MP4 converter


Sooner or later, every user comes across the MOV format. And here is where the problems begin. The thing is that MOV is a native format of the QuickTime multimedia framework, developed by Apple back in 1991. And this company, as we know, has never strived for universality. The other developers try to make their … Read more

How to use public WiFi safely and remain vigilant online


These days, you can find WiFi hotspots almost anywhere. Universities, libraries, hotels, airports, and many more service providers make WiFi hotspots available in their spaces for customer convenience. A lot of people use and enjoy this service without confirming and authenticating its safety. The problem with these networks in public places is that they’re hardly … Read more