Best Monero Wallet App to Store and Exchange the Coin: Trustee Wallet

Digital gold is currently in big demand, as so are the tools to exchange and store it. Still, not all wallets are the same and offer equally good usage conditions. If you want to create XMR wallet and enjoy excellent functionality, take a look at this short read. 

A Monero wallet captures your attention just by combining storage and exchange features. The Trustee Wallet can be used as a mobile app offering multi-currency exchanges. Below, there is more about it. 

Why You Should Create Monero Wallet and How Trustee App Makes Exchanges Profitable 

A defined set of features makes a crypto wallet either a failure or a popular choice among those who want to store funds securely and trade them profitably. Trustee wallet has all it takes to get the XRM coin and keep it safe in your account. 

By the way, you can create a few crypto wallets with Trustee and send funds between them for free! 

  1. Being secure and anonymous. 

This is not just a loud statement that has no foundation under itself. The security is guaranteed because the platform never stores personal information such as seed phrases or card details on its server. 

You can also view open code on Github and make sure of it. Again, this is simple transparency that awakens trust.  

No documents to identify your personality are needed either. 

  1. Low exchange fees. 

This Monero wallet online makes trades a profitable activity since the only fee taken for each conversion is the miner’s fee. Hence, the service fee is 0%. 

Besides, crypto to fiat exchanges includes the 0.5% fee, whereas crypto to crypto exchanges take the 0.2% fee. Sending digital money to other Trustee wallets is free. 

  1. Help in making profitable exchanges. 

This Monero wallet app makes users more independent in their online exchanges. For instance, you can look through different cryptocurrency providers and compare their offers. 

To avoid doing it by yourself, use the Smart Swap technology that will analyze these offers and single out the most profitable option at the moment concerning the Monero supply, price, and other vital factors. 

  1. The chance to send money to many recipients at once.

Having a Trustee app on your iPhone or smartphone means being able to send cryptocurrency in a matter of a few minutes to a few people. This is considered as one transaction, so you can save money on fees and even ‘freeze’ this transaction in the process.  

  1. Supporting multiple cryptocurrencies. 

The XMR wallet online isn’t just a secure and comfortable place to get XRM. Our review highlights that the app is also cool as it gives you access to many crypto coins. For example, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Litecoin, Tether, Bitcoin Gold, etc., and many De-fi project tokens. 

To sum it all up, it is difficult to imagine a more convenient tool than the Trustee Wallet App to work with cryptocurrencies of different types, get top offers from crypto miners, and transfer digital money to anyone. So choose Trustee as your XMR wallet app, open the crypto wallet, and enjoy the best features just using your Android or iOS device.