Ergo (ERG) Next-generation Smart Contract Platform


So what is Ergo? It’s a blockchain network that has been in development for ten years. The company derives its knowledge and experience from the best academic research in the field of cryptography, consensus models, and digital currencies. Blockchain is a fast-growing field and there are many new developments in the near future. But it … Read more

What’s the best crypto exchange?


What’s the best crypto exchange? Are you looking for the best crypto exchange to buy or sell cryptocurrencies? Well, you’ve landed at the right place. Here I’m going to discuss the top crypto exchanges that’ll help in trading and assist you in case of any issues. Most of the exchanges work similarly by providing you … Read more

How to convert XLM to SHIB


As a decentralized network Stellar serves as a platform on which users trade, send or create certain types of cryptocurrency. Launched in 2015, it had a mission of bringing the whole financial system of the world together under one shelter, a joint network. Stellar is spread across many servers, a decentralized system that is like … Read more

A Complete Guide of Cryptocurrency Trading for beginners

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used for buying goods and services just like fiat currency. However, cryptocurrency transactions are highly secure due to the usage of strong cryptographic online ledgers. For now, its use for buying and selling is very limited due to it being unregulated in many parts of the … Read more

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Trading Platforms


Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges¬†& Trading Platforms Looking to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency but not sure were to start ? don’t worry we have you covered in this article we will be listing the best cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. There is always risk when buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies bare this in mind when making … Read more