Does College Degree Matter in Cybersecurity?


Cyber security is one of the vital elements of the modern world dominated by computer and digital technology. At the same time, it’s one of the most demanded areas of computer science, with cyber security specialists earning quite considerable amounts. At the same time, such a specialist must walk the path of a true computer … Read more

What is a Decentralized VPN (dVPN)?

A decentralized VPN is better than conventional VPNs. A decentralized VPN, or dVPN, is an internet-based software application that connects two or more  It’s key to note that a dVPN is different from a traditional VPN because it’s not based on a centralized server. Now let’s talk about the advantages of dVPNs relative to traditional … Read more

The best MOV to MP4 converter


Sooner or later, every user comes across the MOV format. And here is where the problems begin. The thing is that MOV is a native format of the QuickTime multimedia framework, developed by Apple back in 1991. And this company, as we know, has never strived for universality. The other developers try to make their … Read more

Does GPS Use Cloud Computing?


The automotive industry is going through major changes in the face of stiff internal competition. As the market changes have led to them facing new challenges. Up and coming technological innovations are changing the face of the industry as we know it. One example of this revolutionary change is the transformation in these companies’ IT … Read more

Top Useful Hacking Tips and Tricks for Students


Contrary to popular belief, hacking is not only about trying to break into someone’s account or to cheat in a video game. Quite on the contrary, it is a painstaking process of learning to see how technology works and how to protect yourself and others in case of an emergency. Before you start, take your … Read more

Importance Of Cyber Security For Company

Cyber security is of growing importance to modern companies, with cyber-attacks becoming more frequent. A cyber attack can cause severe damage to a company’s reputation and its finances. Though cyber security has never been such an important issue, it is constantly growing in importance due to continually evolving cyber threats like Cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, … Read more

The Great Resignation: Why Tech Employees Quit


The Great Resignation: Why Tech Employees Quit and How Companies Should Respond History repeats itself Apparently, it does. At least in the study of Kerber and Campbell (1986). Through a post-exit survey, they were able to cite the reasons why employees from a high-tech computer company voluntarily had quit their jobs. Off-boarded employees signed their … Read more

How To Perform An IT Security Audit: A Checklist And The Best Tools Available


Welcome to the most comprehensive IT security auditing guide. We’re going to take you through our IT security audit checklist, the best tools out there for this task, and finally how to build an IT security audit report. If you are someone who has the responsibility of ensuring the data integrity and availability for your … Read more

SaaS, PaaS, And IaaS – What And How it Impacts Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a relatively new technology that has taken the world by storm. It’s being used in many different industries, but there are still some things to take into consideration when deciding to use it for your business. One of these considerations is security. This blog post will discuss what SaaS, IaaS, PaaS are … Read more

5 Strategies How Modern Data Stack Can Improve Your Analytics

Modern Data Stack

Modern businesses of all sizes are always looking to harness company data to maximize their growth and optimize sales. One of the most powerful processes that ensure data-driven decision-making is data analytics for business.   Modern data stack offers a cost-efficient solution that allows near-infinite manageability to generate analytics from company data. The entire process … Read more

8 Ways to Keep Your Internet Identity Safe from Hackers

internet identity

8 Ways to Keep Your Internet Identity Safe from Hackers The internet has brought a revolutionary change in the modern world and opened doors of convenience and accessibility. But it has also exposed us to online dangers. To get the most out of your online experience, it is important to follow safe digital practices. Whether … Read more