The best MOV to MP4 converter

Sooner or later, every user comes across the MOV format. And here is where the problems begin. The thing is that MOV is a native format of the QuickTime multimedia framework, developed by Apple back in 1991. And this company, as we know, has never strived for universality. The other developers try to make their products as compatible as possible, Apple, on the contrary, makes every effort to cut itself off from the whole world and to emphasize its pseudo-elitism. Therefore, if you encounter a format from Apple – it is likely, it will not work for you.

How to work with MOV files

Even to run a MOV file on a Windows PC, you’ll need to install additional players or codecs. Android in its stock form won’t read this format either. But if you can install additional programs on your computer or smartphone, then, for example, you won’t be able to open a MOV file on a modern TV from a flash drive. If you decide to share the file, the person you send it to will probably encounter all the difficulties described above.

In general, MOV is not the best video format. To work comfortably, it is best to convert MOV to MP4 or another common format. One of the easiest ways to do it is using Movavi Video Converter.

Let’s take a closer look at how Movavi Video Converter works.

Movavi Video Converter features

Movavi Video Converter combines an incredible wealth of functions with an intuitive interface. All you need to do is drag and drop your source files and folders into the converter window.

Here it should be mentioned that it is not only a MOV-to-MP4 converter. The program supports more than 180 formats. You can select the format of the output file on the bottom panel, on the Video, Audio, and Image tabs.

But the Devices tab is of particular interest. It’s extremely useful if you’re not sure what format you need but know what kind of gadget the video is being converted for. In addition to the standard smartphones and tablets, the list of devices includes more exotic options. Even mp4 players and cell phones with small displays are not forgotten.

If the preset options are not enough, you can adjust the format of the output file manually by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom of the window. Here the user can set the codec, frame size, bitrate, frame rate, and other video parameters independently.

These features are already more than enough for simple file conversion. But the program really unleashes its potential when purchasing the Premium version. It provides the user with video editing functions.

The trim function allows you to quickly cut the source file into fragments, removing unwanted pieces.

Rotate – it allows you to rotate the video by 90 degrees, flip or mirror it horizontally or vertically. This can be very useful when processing video shot on a smartphone.

Cropping allows you to crop part of the image, reducing the size of the output video. Extremely useful when cropping black margins.

You can also watermark or add subtitles to videos in ASS or SRT format. Subtitles can be either software subtitles (with the ability to be turned on and off in the player) or embedded subtitles. Built-in subtitles are applied to the picture itself and cannot be turned off, but they are guaranteed to be displayed on any device.

The Effects panel allows you to apply filters to the video and make it sharper or black and white. The Edge Fill effect is extremely useful. If you’ve shot a vertical video and want to upload it to YouTube but don’t have black borders, you can use this effect.

Image correction allows you to control the brightness, contrast, and other basic parameters of the picture. Audio correction – control the volume, suppress noise, and perform normalization.

Also worth mentioning is a very interesting stabilization tool. In a couple of clicks, it allows eliminating the effect of frame shaking that occurs when shooting handheld on the go.

All in all, even though Movavi Video Converter is called a converter, its actual functionality goes way beyond simple format conversion. The program will be a great help for anyone involved in shooting or processing video.


If you come across a MOV file and can’t play it or just want to change the format, there are plenty of interesting video conversion tools available. One of them is the Movavi Video Converter, which converts videos in a couple of minutes with no loss of quality.