Improving a Computer’s Security: 8 Valuable Ideas

It should not come as a surprise that quite a few computer users do not pay enough attention to a proper cybersecurity policy despite being aware of various threats, such as malware and viruses.


This negligence is not a good sign. Even if you have the basics down, it does not mean that you can counter some of the more aggressive threats.


In case you feel like you have been putting off this issue for too long and would like to make your computer more secure, this article should come in quite handy.


Proper Password Policy


Let’s start with passwords. From email accounts to various online shops, we need passwords to access our profiles. However, when there are so many different accounts, it feels bothersome to come up with new and complicated passwords and memorize them, right?


Well, if the data gets leaked for one of your accounts and you have been using the same passwords for everything, there is no need to tell what can happen.


It might be bothersome to use different passwords, but you should still do it. Also, remember that you can utilize a password manager and keep login details for your profiles in a safe location and access them with a master password when you need to.


Reliable Antivirus Software




Great antivirus software is one of the cornerstones of a solid cybersecurity strategy. Not only that, but you can also use the tool as a means to improve the computer’s performance by cleaning potentially corrupted files.


If you were to look through some tricks that advise on how to improve the computer’s performance, one of the things on these lists usually includes an antivirus tool, and there is an emphasis on having antivirus software in the background all the time.


Ad Blocker Extensions for Internet Browser


Even if online ads are not as effective any more as far as website monetization methods go, some sites still run aggressive ads and try to make money off of them. In some instances, these ads could redirect users to dangerous landing pages.


It is better to avoid such advertisements in the first place, and an ad blocker for your internet browser is a sound solution. An extension like that is quite useful and should be used more often, especially if you spend a lot of time surfing the net.


No Oversharing on Communication Channels


In case you like to use social media or communication platforms like Discord to chat with strangers, be wary of what you share. Personal details should be kept to yourself even if you establish a strong relationship with online strangers.


It is better to be safe than sorry, and if a person seems reliable and trustworthy online, it does not mean that it is the actual case.


Identification of Shady URLs


If you open an email and find a message saying how you won something and need to visit a website to claim the prize, do not fall for this.


Such messages are not as common these days because email services are smarter and identify shady emails and redirect them to the spam folder or block them. However, there is still a chance that you might encounter an email or a message elsewhere that has a shady URL. As a rule of thumb, you should not click on it.


Updated Operating System


The latest operating system version means new features, performance improvements, and security upgrades. OS developers tend to react to the latest threats and push hotfixes if they believe that they can protect users from potential malware and viruses.


Some updates might be quite large and take a while to download and install, but delaying them is not a sound strategy.


Data Backups



Data backups are not a direct countermeasure to cybersecurity threats, but they are still necessary to feel safer. One of the main reasons for losing important data is encountering malware and other threats that delete it.


You can utilize cloud storage or an external hard drive and create a file copy that you can access later. It works as a safety net and lets you rest easier, knowing that in case something happens to files on your computer, you will have a backup copy.


Utilization of Virtual Private Networks


A virtual private network is another example of how you can make yourself more secure online. In addition to encrypting data and preventing third parties from accessing your information, VPNs also give access to geo-restricted content because you can change your IP address with it.


Decent VPN services cost a few dollars a month, meaning that you should not have trouble getting one for yourself.