5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Animated Explainer Video

Video is a real innovation in marketing.  They are able to attract a huge number of customers and create great brand impressions.  We will talk about this in more detail today.


Explain Ninja – animated videos for business are real professionals who will help make any idea a reality.  If you decide to add conversions, then they will definitely help.


Many people wonder why we need such videos and what advantage do they give us?  Let’s move on to the list of features.


1- Attractive and interesting content


Videos that sell are videos that engage an audience effortlessly.  These videos are very visually appealing, and the human eye loves movement, especially when it’s simplified.


When we talk about simplification, we mean lighting, graphics, and exteriors.  In animation, all of these factors are controlled, unlike regular video.  When it comes to presenting products through video, it’s best to go from a simple presentation with animation to an ambitious projection that can confuse the audience.


2- Main message


In order to sell more with video, you need to work on the core message.  As we mentioned earlier, animated videos have better responsiveness because certain variables are controlled.  To this, we add a clear sentence that may be explicit or implicit but must be intelligible.


When the message is explicit, it loses some of its appeals.  You need to carefully hint that your product is the best and explain why.


3- Voice acting and visualization


In animation, everything is much simpler, because the actors and scenery are made to order.  If we want to create a happy and cheerful atmosphere, it is enough to depict the cheerful and happy faces of the characters in a bright and colorful environment.


If you add to this the auditory part, which is an off-screen voice expressing joy, then you get a very good result in the form of conversions.  In the case of conventional video, there is always the possibility that ambient lighting and sound will make it difficult for viewers to determine what they are seeing.


4- Favorable price


It is not necessary to spend the entire budget to present products using video.  Video animation is cheaper because it does not require expensive film equipment.


5- All public


Animated videos are enjoyed by people of absolutely any age, both adults and children.  Videos that sell cover

a large audience and collect as many potential customers as possible.  Animated videos are well received and

they make it easier for viewers to put together the concept of a product or b


Animated video is way ahead of regular videos.  If you have clear, correct, and well-structured content, all that’s left is the magic of an animated video.  Through animation, we can have

more for less money, more quality for less, more customers for less equipment.


And remember that a lot depends on who is helping you create these videos, so it’s best to go to trusted places like the animated explainer video company.