PrivCount – Privacy-preserving Tor statistics aggregation tool


PrivCount makes Tor statistics collection more secure. PrivCount produces totals across all participating relays. Noise is added to each total to hide typical user activity. PrivCount protects individual relay totals by adding a blinding factor, which is only removed when the statistics are aggregated. Should I Run PrivCount? Don’t run PrivCount unless you enjoy running … Read more

Create Customized .onion Addresses For Tor Hidden Services


Create Customized .onion Addresses For Tor Hidden Services Tor’s .onion links can often look quite random in this article I will show you how to create customized .onion address for use with Tor’s hidden services. Customized .onion links can often help other Tor users find and recognize your site easier. For example take Facebook’s .onion … Read more

Hacking TOR Hidden Services

Hacking TOR Hidden Services What is Tor ? Tor stands for The Onion Route it aims to conceal its users identities and their online activity from various surveillance and traffic analysis algorithms. Tor network uses an implement of .onion routing for sites and web applications hosted on the Tor hidden network. Tor encrypts and randomly … Read more

pymultitor – Python Multithreaded Tor Script (Algorithm)


pymultitor – Python Multithreaded Tor Script (Algorithm) pymultitor is a Python script designed to run multiple instances of Tor using multi-threading its main goal is to bypass WAF Firewalls and servers that block IP address during Brute force. Some of these features include. Change IP When Connection Closed With TCP RST. Change IP When String … Read more

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