BlueBorne Bluetooth Vulnerability Can Hack a SmartPhone In Seconds


Bluetooth technology is not a new thing but its starting to become very popular. Bluetooth is now seen in a lot of different areas from SmartPhones, Smart Watches, Cars, IoT devices, Smart TVS, Games Consoles, Security devices, in our homes, smart devices. Bluetooth is used in many industries and areas of technology such as medical … Read more

blueborne-scanner – Bluetooth scanner for blueborne-vulnerable devices


Bluetooth scanner for local devices that may be vulnerable to Blueborne exploit VPN Gate auto-grabber Greetz shouts to sh3llg0d, an0n_l1t3, daemochi, akatz!!!! Overview Bluetooth scanner for blueborne-vulnerable devices, Android only for the moment Quickstart git clone cd blueborne-scanner sudo chmod +x ./ pip install -r ./requirements.txt ./ Breakdown Scans for local bluetooth devices Looks … Read more

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