How to convert XLM to SHIB

As a decentralized network Stellar serves as a platform on which users trade, send or create certain types of cryptocurrency. Launched in 2015, it had a mission of bringing the whole financial system of the world together under one shelter, a joint network. Stellar is spread across many servers, a decentralized system that is like other exchange platforms that are based on blockchain technology.

Stellar platform is not only open to all crypto assets, but also it provides its own currency which is called Lumens (XLM). This digital currency is mainly used to pay fees of transactions on Stellar. Also, it is a mediator currency allowing its users to trade in the fastest way.

Due to the built-in protocol, the money is automatically converted by the help of Stellar to Lumens and later it is converted to the desired coin. The users need only some seconds to have the whole conversion process completed. So, thanks to its user-oriented feature it is easy to get or send money.

Initially, the native currency of the platform was called “stellars.” People went on using the old name even after Stellar changed its name to Lumens. So, it is quite possible that you may hear Lumens and Stellar interchangeably. What you need to remember is that Stellar is the platform, while XLM or Lumens is the crypto asset used by Stellar. Find more on crypto exchange platform Letsexchange.

What can you do with SHIB?

As soon as you complete the exchange procedures, and there is the necessary amount of SHIB currency, several things can be done with it. In this part of the article, we are going to present some options, and you are free to give them a try and choose the most appropriate of all options.

  1. Trade your Shiba coin

It is possible to trade SHIB on the trading platform. For instance, you can trade for more than three hundred cryptocurrencies on Binance’s platform which is a leading one in the industry-leading and is considered a fast-growing platform.

  1. Earn your Shiba coin

If you wish to maximize your coins, staking is the best option to choose. Here, more profits and maximized results are equal to staking. Thus, you can earn rewards without difficulties, and all you need is to stake the coins.

  1. Store your Shiba coin

It is quite normal if you wish to get increases in the value of your Shiba coin. We can offer some options. It is noteworthy that the wallets we offer are easy to use, user-oriented, and safe. For example, choose a Binance wallet to store your coins. You can do the same by choosing Trust Wallet, which is a popular crypto wallet. You may wish to expect an increase in the value of your Shiba coin. Feel free to store it on your Binance wallet or on the crypto wallet app called Trust Wallet.

How to Convert XLM to SHIB?

The XLM to SHIB exchange is one of the most perfect exchanges. The most profitable conversion rate is selected in the process of conversion. What is more, you can enjoy the entire process which is transparent, and users are always welcome to ask to get any personal data anytime.

If you have made up your mind to convert your XLM to SHIB, you should open the exchange widget. Below, you can find some steps that may lead you to a successful conversion. Also, consider the piece of advice which is provided by the most experienced people in the field.

  • Opt for the coin to purchase
  • Copy the wallet address.
  • Send the money for the transaction.
  • Last but not least, give the platform some time to find the best exchange rate for XLM to SHIB exchange. Be ready to wait for some time until you get the final result.

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