Inside Internet Security – What Hackers Don’t want You To Know – Addison Wesley 2002 [E-Book]

This book is a practical guide for anyone designing or administering a corporate or e-business network that runs across a number of platforms via the Internet. It arms systems administrators with a thorough understanding of the problems of network security and their solutions, and thus helps realize the tremendous potential of e-business. With the explosion growth of e-commerce and the opening up of corporate networks to external customers, security is now the number one issue for networking professionals. Concerns about hackers and the possible damage they can do to a business, and the potential vulnerabilities of a system can be overwhelming and can create an unhealthy business environment. However, a great deal of this is based on lack of information as to exactly how hackers approach their task, and of the exact vulnerabilities that they prey on. In this book, Jeff Crume dispels this fear by putting these threats into perspective and allowing realistic defense mechanisms to be created, to the extent that security becomes a business enabler, rather than inhibitor. Inside Internet Security describes the underlying principles that crop up again and again in hacker attacks, and then progresses to focus on lessons that can be learned, and how to protect against recurrence. Features: Practical hands-on advice on securing networked systems. Security checklists for common scenarios Pointers to other detailed information sources In-depth theoretical background information Real-world Examples of actual attacks A glimpse into the future of IT security.


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