JuNest – Arch Linux distro that runs upon any Linux distro

The Arch Linux based distro that runs upon any Linux distros without root access.


JuNest (Jailed User NEST) is a lightweight Arch Linux based distribution that allows to have an isolated GNU/Linux environment inside any generic host GNU/Linux OS and without the need to have root privileges for installing packages.

JuNest contains mainly the package managers (called pacman and a simple wrapper of yaourt called yogurt) that allows to access to a wide range of packages from the Arch Linux repositories.

The main advantages on using JuNest are:

  • Install packages without root privileges.
  • Isolated environment in which you can install packages without affecting a production system.
  • Access to a wide range of packages in particular on GNU/Linux distros that may contain limited repositories (such as CentOS and RedHat).
  • Available for x86_64, x86 and ARM architectures but you can build your own image from scratch too!
  • Run on a different architecture from the host OS via QEMU
  • All Arch Linux lovers can have their favourite distro everywhere!

JuNest follows the Arch Linux philosophy.

CREDITS fsquillace