TheFatRat Tutorial – Generate Undetectable Payload FUD, Bypass Anti-Virus, Gain Remote Access

In this tutorial I will show you how to use TheFatRat to generate a Undetectable payload (FUD) to gain remote access to a Windows Operating System.

What is TheFatRat ?. TheFatRat is a easy tool to generate backdoor’s with msfvenom (a part from metasploit framework) and easy post exploitation attack. This tool compiles a malware with popular payload and then the compiled malware can be execute on windows, android, mac . The malware that created with this tool also have an ability to bypass most AV software protection.

Bypassing the Anti-Virus or Security Software will allow for a metasploit session between the attacker and the target without Anti-Virus detecting the malicious payload and flagging a warning back to the user.

Anti-Virus companies usually develop their software to look for a signature of virus and other malware and security related threats from a global database. Most main stream Anti-Virus companies tend to share signatures amongst each other. A signature is used to prove a software legitimacy.

In most cases, the anti-virus companies will look at the first few lines of code for a familiar pattern of known malware and virus. When malware or a virus is found in the wild, it will be analyzed and its signature will be shared to their virus/malware database then it will be shared on to a global database between partners so when it next comes in to contact with that malware or virus, the Anti-Virus software will alerts the computer user.

In this tutorial we will use TheFatRat to generating a payload in C Language. By changing the Payload into a C Program the Anti-Virus software wont flag it as malicious.

Ok now lets get started.


  • Linux Distrubtion of you choice.
  • TheFatRat
  • Metasploit

I will be using the following lab set up to conduct this attack.

  • Attacking Machine: Kali Linux 2 Rolling
  • Target Machine: Windows 10

Open up a new terminal and install TheFatRat credits ScreetSec.

  1. git clone
  2. cd TheFatRat/setup
  3. chmod +x && ./

Alternative: Docker

$ git clone
$ cd TheFatRat
$ docker build -t=thefatrat .
$ docker run -it --name "thefatrat" thefatrat

Now we have TheFatRat installed. Open up a new terminal and start FatRat.

# fatrat

Once fatrat has checked for any missing dependencies you will be presented with TheFatRat Menu.


Now we will generate a binary executable to do this we will use option 6 “Create Fud Backdoor 1000% with PwnWinds”


You will then see a new menu appear similar to the menu in the screen shot above choose option 6 “Create Backdoor with C / Meterperter_reverse_tcp (FUD 97%)”

Now we will check what your Local ip address is so we can proceed with the next step. To check your local ip open a new command terminal and use ifconfig, Your inet is your local ip.

# ifconfig



Replace LHOST with your local ip address.
Set LPORT to a port of your choice I will use 443.

TheFatRat will now ask for a basename for the output file.
Choose a basename for example “payload” this will be the name of your output file you can find the payloads you have created inside of TheFatRat/output installation directory.


Now we have created an executable. The target’s Anti-Virus software will not have a signature for it until its updated into the database allowing us to sleekly bypass the targets Anti-Virus software.

Now we have our payload we now need to set up a listener go back to TheFatRat main menu.


Choose the listener that corresponds with your targets system.



Now the listener is set up I will quickly transfer the payload to the Windows 10 target machine I will use a USB thumb drive to transfer the payload but you can use what ever method suits you best when the target machine access’s the malicious payload a reverse connection established.


As you can see from the screen shots above we now have a reverse connection with the target machine.

You may like to try out some of these useful Exploit commands :

– record_mic
– webcam_snap
– webcam_stream
– dump_contacts
– dump_sms
– geolocate

We have now came to the end of this tutorial enjoy.


This tutorial is for Educational Purposes only takes no responsibly for what its users may do with this information.