Best Fake Address Generator Tools to Use In 2022

Address generators are used by a bunch of industries and businesses to build up fake addresses. There are many platforms on which addresses are required for making an account.

In some fields address is compulsory and you don’t want to give your real address. In this case, fake address generators are very efficient to use.

Why do we use a fake address generator?

There are many applications of fake address generators. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • It helps to secure personal and real IDs.
  • On many e-commerce websites for the registration of different courses, a complete biodata is required. You can give your fake address there as well.
  • For data testing, fake addresses are also used.
  • For approaching many websites addresses are required for signup. This may be due to the poor design of websites. So if a foreigner wants to make an account there he can generate his fake address.
  • It helps to keep the personal and working life separate.

How can we generate a fake address?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Here are many tools on the internet by which you can make a fake address. These tools help us in our registration process for different websites.

These tools can generate a fake location, pin code, and a city. By these elements, a complete address is made that can be used anywhere.

Fake address generators that are getting hype in 2022 are as follows:


PrepostSEO is a famous tool for generating fake addresses. This tool is very easy to use and free of cost.

How can I use this tool?

To use this fake address generator you just have to select the country. There are more than 25 countries in the option.

After selecting your preferred country just go to the ‘Generate’ option. You will get your desired results in no time.

Why do I use this tool?

Fake addresses are not only used for getting access to websites. In many cases, they are also used for employment or places where personal details such as documentation are required.

This fake address generator can help you in every condition. You will get three kinds of details in this tool.

  1. First is personal detail which you get addressed with the fake email. Besides fake email, it also gives you a list of traits such as hair color, gender, age, weight, eye color, height, zodiac sign, etc. It also generates a fake name for you.
  2. Secondly, for using on the internet a separate address is generated. In this address, you may get the user name, Mac address, email, and password.
  3. The third is the employment details. In employment details, you can get a fake company name, email, address, phone no, job title, and salary.

SEO Tools Centre

This fake address generator is best suited for US addresses. This is very easy to use and did not charge a single penny for its service.

How can I use this tool?

This tool is very handy.

  • To use it just select the country and language.
  • After that go to the ‘Generate’ option and click on it.
  • You will get your results in milliseconds.

Why do I use this tool?

The feature that made this tool unique are:

  • It is suitable for every kind of address in every country almost.
  • This is not a fake address generator but it also generates a fake name, email, phone no, credit card no, name, etc.
  • This is free of cost.
  • It is compatible with every device supporting a cross-platform technique.
  • It is secure and legal. is also a good tool to use for generating fake addressees. The fake address can be used anywhere and for any purpose.

How can I use this tool?

  • To use this tool you have to give only the country’s origin whether it is a French country, an English country, or an Arabic one.
  • You can also give a certain number of generations.
  • After giving this preliminary data you just go to the ‘Generate’ option and you will get your fake address on the screen.

Why do I use this tool?

  • This is a simple and free-of-cost tool.
  • As a result, you will get the street, city, state, zip code, telephone, and phone no.
  • For account creation, you can use it as it has a large excess to multiple countries.
  • Due to its locational algorithms, the results are accurate.
  • It gives secrecy to your personal life.
  • It is legal to use.
  • You can also generate fake company or credit card details through it.

This tool is also used for the same purpose as described by the other tool. Through this tool, you can get every small detail related to the address. It has access to multiple countries.

How can I use this tool?

To use this tool you have to follow just three simple steps:

  • Open the tool window.
  • Select a country whose address you want to generate.
  • Get the result by clicking on the ‘Generate’ button.

Why do I use this tool?

  • This random address generator can generate the address for a large range of countries.
  • Its interface is user-friendly.
  • There is no need for any download or purchase of any extension for utilizing its services.
  • This tool is free from compatibility issues. You can use it on any browser and from any device.
  • It is free to use and provides complete security.
  • Other details like post code, credit card and phone no can also be get through it.


Generating fake addresses is very easy. You can do so with a bunch of software. This software provides these services free of cost. These fake addresses are used for various purposes like registration and getting access to particular content.

Before using any fake address generator you should make sure that it should be 100% secure and safe. Any illegal activity can possess harmful effects such as cancellation of documentation or registration. Online scams can also be done by it.

To cut long story short fake address can be useful if used legally and appropriately.