10 Best Hacking Products Gadgets For Hackers

10 Best Hacking Products Gadgets For Hackers

Get the best hacking products and gadgets! The products listed below are perfect for any aspiring hackers toolkit.

1) Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Extreme Kit – 128GB Edition (8GB RAM)


The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized computer that you can easily fit into your pocket. Raspberry Pi is one of the best pieces of hardware a hacker can have. You can use your Raspberry Pi in headless mode or plug it into a monitor. What makes the Raspberry Pi great for hacking is its ability to quickly load Operating systems and custom images from an SD Card. One of my favorite images for the Raspberry Pi is Kali Linux an operating system that includes most of the popular open-source hacking tools built into it. There is also a variant of the Raspberry Pi that is much smaller called the Raspberry Pi Zero.

If your looking for a budget Raspberry Pi then the Raspberry Pi 3B is still a great choice.

2) Keysy RFID Duplicator


A Keysy is an RFID Duplicator that can quickly copy RFID key cards and key fobs. The Keysy allows you to copy up to 4 RFID credentials (125kHz). You can then use the RFID credentials when you place your Keysy key fob in front of a RFID reader. Additional rewritable keyfobs sold separately.

3) PlunderBug


The Plunder Bug by Hak5 is a pocket-sized LAN Tap that lets you bug ethernet connections using USB-C type connectivity. Its coupled with cross-platform scripts and has its own Android root app. The Plunder Bug is a smart network sniffer that is great for passive recording and active scanning of networks. The Plunder Bug is small and stealthy. The Plunder Bug would go perfectly in any ethical hackers toolkit. 


4) SharkJack


The SharkJack is a portable network attack tool out of the box its armed with ultra-fast payloads that provide quick and easy reconnaissance. SharkJack is perfect for social engineering attacks. It has a simple scripting language that is designed to make loading payloads a breeze. The Shark Jack is perfect for wired network auditing.


5) HackRF


HackRF One is a wideband software-defined radio half-duplex transceiver it has a 1 MHz to 6 GHz operating frequency. Up to 20 million samples per second.


6) AURSINC WiFi Deauther Wristband


Aursinc WiFi Deauther is a wearable wristband installed with the latest ESP8266 Deauther software. With this software, you can perform different secure tests for your WiFi networks. NOTE: ESP8266 supports 2.4GHz only. Extensible: You can also use it to develop your own software. It is indeed an ESP8266 development board, easy to operate LONG WORKING TIME: Built-in a 600mAh battery, working time up to 7 hours. Comes with an OLED display and a 3-way momentary slide switch.



7)  WI-FI Pineapple



The WiFi Pineapple Mark VII by Hak5 makes automating Wi-Fi audits a piece of cake.



8) LAN Turtle


The LAN Turtle is a covert Systems Administration and Penetration Testing tool that provides stealth remote access. The LAN Turtle features intelligent information gathering. The LAN Turtle is perfect for MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) attacks.



9) Alfa AWUS036NH


Alfa AWUS03NH is one of the best and preferred high range wireless adapters for hackers it has the ability to be put into monitor mode easily and its drivers are supported in Linux by default making it a great choice for many hackers.



10) Yard Stick One


The Yard Stick one is a small USB transceiver that is capable of transmitting and receiving most popular licence-free bands. the Yard Stick one has a built in amplifier and transmit amplifier.