DMitry Deepmagic information Gathering Tool Kali Linux

DMitry Deepmagic information Gathering Tool Kali Linux


DMitry (Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool) is an open-source Linux CLI tool developed by James Greig. Coded in C. DMitry is a powerful information gathering tool that aims to gather as much information about a host that is possible. Features include subdomains search, email addresses, uptime information, system & server data, TCP port scan, whois info lookup, DMitry is a modular program that allows user-specified modules. DMitry is easy to use and removes the need to enter multiple commands.


DMitry is preinstalled in Kali Linux if your using another distribution of Linux that does not come with DMitry preinstalled you can install DMitry from the source.


If your using Kali Linux DMitry is already preinstalled.


Installing DMitry from source


First, open terminal


clone DMitry to your device


git clone


Change into DMitry directory


cd dmitry


Now we need to compile DMitry.


sudo apt-get install automake autoconf

chmod +x configure



make install


Finally, we can run DMitry




Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool

“There be some deep magic going on”


Usage: ./dmitry [-winsepfb] [-t 0-9] [-o %host.txt] host

-o     Save output to %host.txt or to file specified by -o file

-i     Perform a whois lookup on the IP address of a host

-w     Perform a whois lookup on the domain name of a host

-n     Retrieve information on a host

-s     Perform a search for possible subdomains

-e     Perform a search for possible email addresses

-p     Perform a TCP port scan on a host

* -f     Perform a TCP port scan on a host showing output reporting filtered ports

* -b     Read in the banner received from the scanned port

* -t 0-9 Set the TTL in seconds when scanning a TCP port ( Default 2 )

*Requires the -p flagged to be passed


Usage Example


To display DMitry help page use command.


dmitry -h


./dmitry will run all DMitry modules against the target/host. A text file will be output example.txt






User-defined modules


dmitry -winsepo example.txt




Once DMitry has finished scanning the target/host we can use the cat command to view results.


cat example.txt


Usage break down

w (Run a domain whois info lookup)

i (IP whois lookup)

n (retrieve Netcraft info)

s (search for subdomains)

e (search for email addresses)

p  (TCP Scan)

o  (Save output to text file example.txt)

domain (

To display the DMitry manual we can use command.


man dmitry