Can’t code? Here’s a no-code, phone-hacking pack for you

Can’t code? Here’s a no-code, Phone Hacking pack for you


There are many kinds of readers on this website. Most of you are looking to educate yourself on coding and get better at a job that you want to do. But, some have a more complex agenda, like phone hacking. And while that sounds awful on the paper, it’s not a sin to do something like that. These people include awfully scared parents, worried about their child’s well-being, disgruntled lovers with allegedly cheating partners, or employers wanting to bring transparency at work. It all starts to make sense when you are in another person’s shoes—moralities or laws aside.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of phone hacking (read: how to download an app on a phone), here’s a simple disclaimer: It’s important to take a person’s consent before even touching their phone, let alone hacking it. The surveillance laws all across the world protect user privacy. So, I expect nothing less than a responsible citizen from you.

Enter Xnspy

Hacking into a phone is as easy as downloading an app like Xnspy on any Android phone. However, Xnspy isn’t your only chance at breaking into a phone. There are other apps to choose from as well as lots of open-source alternatives, too; however, my recommendation is coming in after a week of research into price/features comparison, refund policies, quality of service, and so on, for over a dozen different apps. And while you are free to find an app to remotely spy on an Android phone, here’s a quick fact sheet for you.

1. Xnspy will only cost you a few dollars, while others can cost you a fortune

Whenever I am about to try a new app, the make-or-break situation is the price. I remember how much Lightroom cost, and it was still a hard decision to make since there were no other options as good as that.

But that’s not always the case. Spyware programs are a big industry, and there’s a lot of competition, meaning a lot of choice per se. And that is why Xnspy only costs a few dollars and Flexispy—another popular spyware program—hundreds.

2. Try it before you buy it (just like they say it at a brick and mortar)

I am referring to the app demo that Xnspy offers. I know it’s not like you can actually try the app before paying, aka a free trial. But it’s right next to that—a demonstration of what the app would look like.

Xnspy has a demo tab on their website, which opens up to a simulated control panel/dashboard. You can scroll around, browse features, and experience how they would look like.

3. They answer all your questions

Whenever I am about to make a purchase online, I check if a business is keen to tend to its potential customers. That’s the first line of impression for any business, at least to me.

Anyways, I had lots of questions about the product and Xnspy’s support team had all the answers.

4. Extensive online tutorials

I love seeing the effort put in by businesses to ensure that their customers can troubleshoot without having to rely on the support team for fixing every single issue. That’s truly the essence of any good business. Luckily, Xnspy knows that too.

5. A sound refund policy

Not the best refund policy out there, but it’s good enough to work out for most people. You won’t get your 100% refund back if you don’t like the product, but they will refund as much as 90% of it. Haven’t tried my luck, but I’ll take their word for it.

Getting started

To use Xnspy, you will be required to sign up for one of their plans. The basic yearly subscription costs $4.99/month, while the premium counterpart will take as much as $7.49 out of your bank every month.

Let’s start with what you get with the basic plan and the special accouterments included in the premium plan.


There’s not much really to talk about the basic plan. It feels like the basic plan has been there only to make the premium version look better.


With every basic plan, you can monitor the following:

  • Logs for all incoming, outgoing, and missed phone calls

  • All emails from Gmail.

  • Text messages (incoming, outgoing)

  • Stored photos and videos

  • Browsed webpages and bookmarks

  • Location history

Additionally, you can also view installed apps and even block those you don’t approve of.

What’s extra with the premium version?

Xnspy’s premium version is like their basic version but on Prozac, in Disneyland, getting laid (if you know, you know!). You get a massively upgraded version of a measly basic plan.

Social media monitoring: The biggest advantage comes in the form of social monitoring. If you are a fretting parent, worried about the well-being of children from online abuse or bullying, then this feature is perfect. Watching over kids’ social media can really help a parent prepare for help that their children might require. With Xnspy Premium, you can monitor WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, LINE, Kik, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Tinder, and Facebook.

Recording: Xnspy can automatically record all the phone calls from the monitored phone. Additionally, on request, the app can record the surroundings of a phone by remotely activating its microphone.

Watchlisting: The biggest reason why Xnspy can upsell its premium version is the watchlist alerts. Basically, for every new chat, phone log, or recording uploaded to your Xnspy account, you can get instantly notified when it’s available, but only for those logs or contacts that you specifically choose. The alerts save you from obsessively signing into your Xnspy account and checking for a new backup even if it’s not there.

The watch list alerts are available for different features of Xnspy. The most prominent is the location watch lists. With this, you can set safe and unsafe locations on the map. Whenever the monitored user goes in or out of an unsafe zone, you get instantly notified.

The alerts are also helpful if you want to keep a watch on whom is communicating with your child, or employee, or spouse. You can put a specific contact from the phonebook on alert and get an instant notification if the monitored user calls or texts the watch-listed contact.

Remote controls: With Xnspy’s remote controls, you can literally control the device from anywhere. For instance, you can use the phone lock feature and lock the monitored phone which can only be unlocked through your provided passcode. Or you can even block the apps that can be used on a phone.

How does Xnspy work?

For one, I’ll only take you through the Android part of “How does Xnspy work,” because for the iPhone, I don’t know really know how it works for real, but you can check the extensive installation pages that Xnspy has made for you.

For Android, it’s just subscribing to Xnspy and waiting for the email with the download link that you’ll be using to download the app on a phone. You will be required to give the app a whole heck of permissions before it can work the way they advertise on their website.

En breve, no coding required.

There it is, your first lesson, with literally no learning of the coding whatsoever but, you did learn how to remotely spy on Android, right? In the end, I would say again, always choose to monitor with consent. Hope you liked reading it all, including me, parenting you.

Pros and Cons

Remember! Hacking another person’s phone is outright illegal. However, if you decide to use Xnspy to remotely spy on Android, you, at least, have the option to take legally use the software.

Xnspy is a great solution for anyone who has yet to get started with hacking. If you are going to learn to hack a phone first, it could take months before your hacking skills are of any use.

On the contrary, Xnspy requires one-time physical access to a device before you can get started. This could be a big upset for many people. But, it’s just one time, so no biggie, I guess.

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