EternalRocks: New Malware is Even More Dangerous than WannaCry

Last Few weeks have had a rattling effect on the field of Cyber Security. ¬†Where Security Researcher’s had a hard time for finding solutions to prevent the society from an explicitly¬†dangerous Ransomware WannaCry. The Ransomware So far has affected around 300,000 computers in around 150 countries all over the globe, managing to fund a six … Read more

WannaCry? No Thanks! I have Free Decryption Tool

Wannacry Decrypt

A simple Ransomware which got widely spread around the globe rising tensions around different Cyber Security Firms. The Ransomware so far has made a huge impact by affection around 200,000+ computers around the globe and was able to make 6 digits for the people behind this evil Ransomware. The Ransomware was using an SMB remote … Read more

WannaCry : All You Need To Know About This Trendy Ransomware


From the Start of this year, the Ransomware attacks are taking place in different regions around the globe. One such big ransomware which simple peeps into your computer like a boss and asks you WannaCry? Yes true it really does that, How it does? , what the damage caused by this ransomware? everything we are … Read more