MorphAES – IDPS & SandBox & AntiVirus STEALTH KILLER


DPS & SandBox & AntiVirus STEALTH KILLER. MorphAES is the world’s first polymorphic shellcode engine, with metamorphic properties and capability to bypass sandboxes, which makes it undetectable for an IDPS, it’s cross-platform as well and library-independent. Properties: Polymorphism (AES encryption) Metamorphism (logic and constants changing) Platform independent (Linux/BSD/Windows) IDPS stealthing (the total number of possible … Read more

HERCULES – Special payload generator that can bypass anti-virus software


HERCULES is a customizable payload generator that can bypass anti-virus software. HackingVision installation tips: HERCULES is programmed in Go if your using Go for the first time you will need to set a GOPATH you can do this by using the following commands. export GOPATH=$HOME/go export PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT/bin:$GOPATH/bin You can add default GOPATH to ~/.bashrc to … Read more