GonnaCry – Linux Ransomware That Encrypts All User Files


Read our disclaimer before you continue. This tool is only provided as a convince any actions and or activities related to the material contained within this Website is solely your responsibility. The misuse of the information in this website can result in criminal charges brought against the persons in question. The authors of hackingvision.com will … Read moreGonnaCry – Linux Ransomware That Encrypts All User Files

Windows crypto-ransomware POC


Windows crypto-ransomware POC Credits: mauri870 Note: This project is purely academic, use at your own risk. I do not encourage in any way the use of this software illegally or to attack targets without their previous authorization The intent here is to disseminate and teach more about security in the actual world. Remember, security is … Read moreWindows crypto-ransomware POC

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