How to use public WiFi safely and remain vigilant online


These days, you can find WiFi hotspots almost anywhere. Universities, libraries, hotels, airports, and many more service providers make WiFi hotspots available in their spaces for customer convenience. A lot of people use and enjoy this service without confirming and authenticating its safety. The problem with these networks in public places is that they’re hardly … Read more

Not a boring guide on IoT software development


IoT deployments built by a custom IoT development company can offer a number of different use cases. To do this, the Internet of things development services must design their applications within the right platforms, operating systems, and languages.   IoT devices allow companies to connect devices like mobile phones, laptops, televisions, appliances, vehicles, and wearables … Read more

Nebra Nightmare 30k Helium Miners not shipped

We are writing the blog article to inform you about bad actors within the Helium community. We are telling you this information as we don’t want anyone else to face the issues we faced from ordering networking equipment from a company called Nebra. The problems that the community is facing due to Nebra are a … Read more