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PytheM – Multi-purpose pentest framework

PytheM - Penetration Testing Framework v0.6.6 Credits: m4n3dw0lf Download PytheM PytheM is a python multi-purpose pentest framework. It has been developed in the hope that it will be useful and I don't take responsibility for any misapplication...

TheFatRat Tutorial – Generate Undetectable Payload FUD, Bypass Anti-Virus, Gain Remote Access

In this tutorial I will show you how to use TheFatRat to generate a Undetectable payload (FUD) to gain remote access to a Windows Operating System. What is TheFatRat ?. TheFatRat is a easy tool...

Smith – Client/Server Style Agent For Testing Network Connectivity

smith Credits: jidir (Leave him a star on Github) Download Smith  A client/server style agent meant for testing connectivity to and from a machine on a network. Installation python install or pip install . should install smith. Note:...

Snoopy Tutorial – Finding Previously Connected SSID’S of a Device

Wireless Networks can leak a treasure trove of information. In this tutorial we will use Snoopy to find various Wireless Access Points and Access points a device is probing for this can help us...

Davscan – A Tool That Fingerprints servers, finds exploits, scans WebDAV

DAVScan Credits: Graph-X Download Davscan DAVScan is a quick and lightweight webdav scanner designed to discover hidden files and folders on DAV enabled webservers. The scanner works by taking advantage of overly privileged/misconfigured WebDAV servers or servers...


Portspoof Effective defense against port scanners Short description: Art of Annoyance The Portspoof program primary goal is to enhance OS security through a set of few techniques: 1. All TCP ports are always open Instead of informing an attacker that...
ssh dont tell anyone its free – Wipe and reinstall a running Linux system via SSH, without rebooting.

Wipe and reinstall a running Linux distro via SSH, without rebooting. A script to completely take over a running Linux distro (system) remotely, allowing you to log into an in-memory rescue environment, unmount the original root...
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