Kickass Torrents is back!


KickassTorrents is back! Back in early July 2016, Kickass Torrents one of the largest public bit BitTorrent trackers which distributes films, video games, television programs, music and other electronic media was closed. With many users becoming worried if Kickass Torrents (KAT) was ever going to be relaunched. We thought we had seen the end of Kickass … Read more Kickass Torrents is back!

Critical Flaw found in Mac Antivirus software ESET Antivirus


Google Security Team’s researchers Jan Bee and Jason Geffner have discovered an easy-to-exploit, but a critical vulnerability in ESET’s anti-virus software (ESET endpoint Antivirus 6) which allows hackers to remotely execute an arbitrary code with root privileges on a Mac system. The researchers found this vulnerability at the beginning of November 2016 and are tracked … Read more Critical Flaw found in Mac Antivirus software ESET Antivirus

Indian Hacker Helps Uber Fix ‘Unlimited Free Ride’ Bug


Uber Technologies Inc. Uber is an online transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations in 528 cities worldwide. So, what happens if someone finds a way to ride for free in Uber, it will make a loss. Recently, an Indian Security researcher named Anand Prakash discovered a bug in August last received … Read more Indian Hacker Helps Uber Fix ‘Unlimited Free Ride’ Bug

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