How to hire a Java developer: updated talent search guidelines

Are you trying to hire Java programmers but coming up short? Sorry to say, but you are in the midst of a talent war. Facebook wants to hire more than 10,000 people in Europe to develop their metaverse concept; Amazon has hired 55,000 developers in the US, and Google has posted jobs for thousands of technologists all around the globe.

If you want to hire a Java developer in a hurry, you’ll need to change your talent strategy – fast.

How to hire Java programmers

If you are looking to hire a Java developer online, you need to change your talent acquisition strategy. First, determine where you are going wrong. Are you attracting a lot of interviews but can’t seem to ​​hire Java developers? Are your advertisements coming up short? Or are you able to easily hire a dedicated Java developer or two, but you can’t retain them once they start working?

If your job ads aren’t resulting in applications and interviews, you may need to adjust your wording (and your expectations). Do you really need a Masters’s Degree for every candidate, or will a Bachelor’s Degree do? Does every developer need to be a senior-level employee? What perks can you offer? Try changing up your adverts to see if you get a better response. Follow this link to learn all the ins and outs of the successful recruiting process.

If that doesn’t work, try expanding your search. Visit job fairs, attend or host hackathons and join online forums. Not every developer is interested in browsing job boards. You need to go where the talent goes. You should also try putting out exciting content about your brand and your company to see if there are interested parties commenting on your articles. You never know who you can attract.

If you get plenty of candidates to the interview stage, but no one is actually accepting the jobs on offer, try switching up your strategy.

Tech talent wants to speak to another tech talent. Make sure that your top engineers are present in the interview and can discuss the roles in person. Bring all of your best people to online events and conferences. Oftentimes candidates won’t be interested in working for a company at first, but they are very interested in working with savvy technologists.

You should also try to make your decision as quickly as possible. Try to develop an interview process that enables you to make a decision within a day of meeting your candidates. Remember, candidates have plenty of options. You could try to hire a Java programmer online within a week of meeting them and find that they’ve already been snapped up by the competition. Tools like HackerRank that lets you test skills before the interview can help speed up the decision-making process.

Don’t post and pray when you are looking for new talent. Tech talent might not go to job sites, so try to use Github or open-source channels to find your new recruits. You’ll not only find great candidates, but you can usually take a peek at their skills while you are there!

Lastly, if you are able to find great talent online, get interviews and get contracts signed but can’t seem to retain your talent, reevaluate your onboarding process. Make sure there is an onboarding guide to help your top talent get started right away. Talented Java developers hate sitting around with nothing to do. Streamline your approach, so you don’t bog them down with admin or have them sitting around with nothing to do.

Nothing working? Try offshoring!

If you want to hire Java programmers, don’t get caught in the talent war. Explore all of the options and don’t give up. You never know whether or not a few minor adjustments will bring the talent that you need.