Skills and Responsibilities of a big data developer

Skills and Responsibilities of a big data developer and how to hire them right. 

Businesses are fully digitalized today, and big data is the hottest trending topic right now. Information is key in today’s society, and data is the cherry on top. Big data analytics aid a lot of businesses and companies in processing large volumes of data; they also help in enhancing decision-making and also aid in ensuring better reports. There are various reasons why companies are trying to find ways on how to hire big data developers and hire them right. To learn more on how to hire big data architects,  simply continue reading this article.

How to Hire Big Data Developers

In 2021 the volume of data that was generated was around 79 zettabytes, and it is expected that by 2025 the figure will rise to about 180 zettabytes. In 2022 the big data industry got a revenue of $ 274.3 billion and still counting; on the other hand, the U.S economy has lost around $3.1 trillion per annum due to low data quality.  This is why it is important to hire big data developers to aid your company or business.  So what does a big data developer do?  And what are some of the skills and responsibilities of a big data developer?

  1. A big data developer should be able to create algorithms that can be used to solve different tasks and create solutions to problems. A big data developer also should be able to develop an architectural database to help maintain the algorithms and apps.
  2. A big data team for hire should know how to build different types of validating tools and also be able to create new data analytics tools.
  3. Big data developers should be able to modernize data processing solutions when necessary and also ensure that all data processing is strictly done in compliance with all security and governing policies.
  4. If you intend to hire a big data programmer, make sure that his or her skills are adequate enough to execute your project.  Some of the skills a big data developer should have include; data visualization skills, analytical skills, data mining abilities, vast knowledge of machine learning algorithms, multi-tasking, proactiveness, strong planning, and organizational skills.

The next thing you need to know is how to hire a big data developer.

There are various methods on how to hire big data developers; some of them are;

  • Social Media: A large number of big data developers worldwide make use of social media to market their expertise. To find big data developers, you could easily go on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram pages, and Twitter to recruit or hire as the case may be.
  • Hiring Websites: You can also make use of hiring websites to recruit or hire a big data development team. Websites like provide you with the avenue to hire professionals. On these types of websites, you get to hire freelance professionals and experts to handle your project.
  • Outsourcing Companies or Agencies: An outsourcing company or agency enlists the help of organizations that are not affiliated with it in order to complete a project or task.  In this case, you could engage the services of an outsourcing company to help you in hiring a big data developer or programmer.
  • Out-Staffing: Outstaffing is a bit similar to outsourcing, but the difference is that when you out staff, it means that you hire professionals from other firms to work on a project while outsourcing means you pass on the task to a third firm. Outstaffing is another good way to hire a big data developer.
  • Ads: You can easily place adverts on social media or TV stations; interested big data developers that are looking for work will reach out to you. You can then conduct interviews, screen from the lot, and make your pick according to the criteria set by you.


The world is speedily turning every business into a digitalized one. Do you intend to be left behind? Big data developers are needed in almost all kinds of businesses and companies. This article has explained how to hire big data developers and has also listed some skills and responsibilities of a big data developer. The article has also listed ways to hire a big data developer.