Top Colleges for Cybersecurity Degree Programs

Cybersecurity has a great job market with many job vacancies and attractive salaries. When you have a cybersecurity degree, you can easily find job opportunities such as security engineers. Therefore, training begins at the college level when you have reasons to pursue the degree.

Are you in need of the best college to pursue a cybersecurity degree? There are several top affordable colleges with good reviews.

Colleges with Best Cybersecurity Degree Programs

Take a look at the following to decide where you would like to get the degree in cybersecurity.

  • Boston University

The school offers online degree programs and has ranked among the best worldwide. It suggests a Master of Science degree with a concentration in Cybercrime Investigation. For any time that suits you, Boston offers both full-time and part-time degrees. A maximum of 16 months is taken to complete the course with grant support from the US curriculum. Additionally, there is crucial information to consider before picking a college.

Pieces of Information to Put into Consideration 

Having this information in mind will save you a great deal!

  • The credit required to complete the course is 32
  • The graduation rate is 86%
  • The location is around Boston, MA
  • Room and board are $16,640 per academic year.

After getting familiar with this information, you are good to go with your selection.

  • Florida State University

In Florida, the school offers online programs and requires students in the undergraduate BS in cyber criminology. They have to take general education classes in areas like English and mathematics. Additionally, the school offers aid to students who need financial assistance as it is known as an accredited institution.

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  • New York University

The school is a private institution offering engineering courses with over 9 000 students enrolled. It offers scholarship opportunities for the students in cybersecurity, technology, and cybersecurity Ph.D. applicants, including the cybersecurity service scholarship. The fee and tuition are all the same for undergraduate students.

When you graduate from this school, be sure to get a salary of about $73,000. The school is dedicated to shaping students into whom they would want to become in the future. Additionally, It hosts private and public conferences throughout the year.

  • University of Oxford

In 2020, the university was ranked the best in the world for Computer Science. The presence of a Cybersecurity Oxford network in this school unites academics from multiple disciplines within the university working on cybersecurity.

To qualify for the course in this school, you must have a first-class or a strong second-class undergraduate degree in subjects such as computer science or engineering. Additionally, a 3.5 out of 4 GPA is a requirement, with fees varying for the UK and overseas students.

  • George Washington University

The school offers a world-class degree through privacy research in the statute in the cybersecurity programs. The program in this school shapes students to design strategies that integrate best practices in cybersecurity and risk management.  The degree programs cover a range of the following areas.

  • Computer Network defense
  • Wireless and mobile security
  • Cryptography
  • Internet and online laws for security managers.

The institution also offers an online master’s program in cybersecurity, which is flexible for students to choose the correct time of start date.

  • The University of Southern California

This institution is located in Los Angeles and offers an online part-time degree program for mid-career professionals with significant relevant experience to access leadership roles in the industry. The course allows students to be well-versed in the challenges and problems of secure operating systems, networking, and key management. To be considered qualified, you must submit proof of proficiency in English if it is not your first language. A GPA of 3.0 is a requirement as well.


The Bottom Line

Thousands of the top colleges offer cybersecurity degrees, so selecting the right choice for you is a personal choice. The lists above provide a snapshot of some of the world’s best colleges for cybersecurity degrees. It will help if you take the time to research the factors important to you and choose the best that suits you.

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