Lapsus$ Hacks Samsung and Releases All Galaxy Source Code

Samsung’s source code and biometric security algorithms have been stolen by hackers, compromising sensitive hardware details. The company is currently working to contain the breach but there is no telling how much damage has already been done.

When a company as big and powerful as Samsung says there was a security breach, it’s worth taking notice. According to CRN, 190 gigabytes of sensitive Samsung data was stolen during the security breach, and was first reported by BleepingComputer.

Don’t panic, but Lapsus$ posted some of its highest-level source code on Telegram. This includes sensitive information from Qualcomm and Samsung, including biometric unlock algorithms, bootloader source code, and authentication codes.

This was the latest hack from Lapsus$ who also targeted Nvidia and leaked their employee’s credentials. Lapsus$ demanded ransom from Nvidia, who then hacked Lapsus$. Samsung knew about this breach and said they were assessing the situation, but has not made any demands or issued a ransom.

In the past week, data from NVIDIA has been stolen twice. 1TB of data was hacked from the company and then dumped online. This is less than a week after the same hacking group got their hands on information about 6 unreleased GPUs.

Samsung is experiencing a number of problems. Recently 100 million Samsung phones were found to have a security flaw that may have already been exploited. This recent discovery by Tel Aviv University claims that there is a specific vulnerability with TrustZone, which stores the keys to unlock sensitive information.

Samsung just announced it will be releasing its latest line of Galaxy devices in February. Samsung stock is currently trading at €1,174 per share, down 3.45 percent on the day.