The concept of Vue.js: what’s inside and how is Eivan Yu’s project better than the competition?

The creation of Vue.js has a unique history. Former Google employee Eiwan Yu, who worked on the famous Angular solution, has provided the market with an updated platform for rendering UI components in a lighter and simpler version. For a long journey of transformation, the project received publicity only in 2015. Within the walls of Google Corporation, the project from a young engineer received approval from work colleagues and quickly migrated to the mass market.

A significant push to popularize the brand was provided by the Laravel community, where developers actively used the advantages of Vue.js instead of the functions of the traditional JQuery library. Over time, the library added in the number of users. Today it is one of the most popular solutions for developing simple, single-page applications.

By the way, the last circumstance with the license for React involuntarily gave an additional advantage to the developers of Vue.js. It continues to be positioned as a free application that can be used in place of React without compromising performance. Therefore, many have decided to hire vuejs developer for the productive work of the company.



Vue.js foundation, what’s the point?

Vue.js was created to solve specific business problems in the design segment of user interface components. The platform supports the main principles of the Javascript language and offers many advantages to the developer:

  • Templates. Eivan Yu’s solution is based on a modular system. The advent of the framework made it possible to separate the development of UI elements from the internal chain of logical processes, which significantly increased the level of efficiency in application development. The core of the modular architecture, to a certain extent, performs the function of a value converter. They are responsible for changing data on the browser side.
  • Easy to use. This is perhaps the most striking feature. Most programmers will note that learning to work in Vue.js is easier than in any analogue. Detailed documentation and open-source fully compensate for the smaller number of communities. Vue.js is also easy to learn for beginners who have previously implemented their projects on the Angular platform. This greatly facilitates the work for the automated testing company.
  • Component architecture. In this code building segment, Vue.js has exported the best options from Angular. It allows you to reuse code, including both action descriptions and change integration. As a result, a developer can easily edit large-scale code, make changes, implement automation processes and get a balanced structure with the ability to quickly test, run and deploy in a variety of software environments.
  •     High performance. Vue.js has proven its effectiveness on many world-famous projects. In addition, the number of users of the program is constantly growing, which makes it one of the most popular solutions on the market.
  • Modularity. When creating large-scale projects, it becomes more difficult to manage data and the process of making changes is complicated by the cumbersome code. To easily organize the structure, Vue.js is complemented by the Vuex plugin. With the help of the program, it is easy to structure a mobile application into interdependent sections and make changes without the risk of breaking the “tree” of the architecture.