CocoFinder Overview – Things to Know Before Using This Popular Service

 CocoFinder Overview – Things to Know Before Using This Popular Service


Social media has transformed the world into a global village, with every individual a click away. This has undeniably offered ample opportunities to all, but at the same time, has put our lives at risk.  


It has increased the possibility of spending time with someone who might turn out to be unreliable and fake in the future. Or worse, getting into a relationship and deciding to marry soon. 


Sounds scary, right? 


Considering mutual connections, talking to their allies, and meeting their family members is certainly a great step. However, it may not suffice in particular situations and you might end up being a victim or facing betrayal later. This is where a background check platform like CocoFinder comes into play.


CocoFinder: The Right Platform for Background Check


CocoFinder is a free and trusted application for performing background checks of any individual. It is operating across 50 cities in the USA and comes loaded with many other options, such as people search, address lookup, and reverse phone lookup.


Let’s dig this in deeper and get a comprehensive knowledge of each feature.


5 Core Functionalities of CocoFinder You Must Be Familiar With


  • Background Check

CocoFinder’s background check option enables you to check any individual’s residential address, education, employment, and criminal history. It also lets you confirm whether the person is involved in any sexual misdemeanour or not, which further assures you of your safety.

The interface is user-friendly and gives detailed information about any individual instantly and without any hassle. 

  • People search

As the name states, this feature of CocoFinder bestows the facility to search for any individual across the US. The best part is that you need not have the most recent or complete detail about the person; knowing his/her name is enough. (If you wish to reconnect with your school friend, conducting a people search will be a profitable act.)

When you enter the name and other known details of the individual in the app’s interface, it shows a list of matching records on the window. You can then filter them out and get access to a full report of any individual (as shown in the image below).


Moreover, you can also download the full report from the app interface. 


  • Reverse Phone Lookup

CocoFinder’s reverse phone lookup functionality empowers you to get a detailed insight about any person via the contact number. You can even preview the individual’s photo and confirm social media accounts on searching. 


This is a handy tool when you wish to confirm someone’s identity or are receiving endless threat calls from a stranger.

  • Address Lookup

The address lookup feature, alike the phone lookup service, avails the opportunity to obtain accurate information about a resident of any location. This way, it enables one to verify whether any person claiming to be living at any specific address is residing there or not.  

Also, it’s an effective method to attest to any person’s criminal and public records before trusting them and build a safer environment for your family. 


  • Email lookup

Last but not least, email lookup entitles you to obtain a detailed report about any individual based on their email address. 


The tool lets you know the name, current address, and even age of the individual whose email address you have entered into the feed. And, in case you receive no searches, it indicates that the email is spam and you must block it at once.

These features surely make CocoFinder outweigh over its alternatives. But, they are not the only catalyst behind its phenomenal success in the market. Various other factors contribute to its popularity, a few of which are as follows.


Factors that make CocoFinder Surpass the Market Competition


  • Free of Cost

Unlike many other background checking sites, CocoFinder is free. It does not demand any charges for employing the platform or opt for a premium subscription for unlocking any feature. This gives an individual a great opportunity to execute numerous searches in real-time and learn about anyone’s past. 


  • Convenient

The interface of CocoFinder is quite simple and easy to use. One need not be tech-savvy for retrieving insightful results on this people search application. All that is required is a digital device and a strong Internet connection. 


  • No Sign-Ups

When comparing to other trending background checker websites, CocoFinder does not need sign-ups. That implies one need not create an account or enter their details for getting the search information accessible. They can relish the benefit of this platform simply by opening the website, feeding the search, fetching the information, and leaving the interface at once. 


  • Safe & Secure

As shared earlier, there is no registration process on this platform. It does not ask or track an individual’s search activities. Apart from this, the servers are fully-encrypted and do not let anyone take a glance at what others are searching for. 


  • Fast & Accurate Search

CocoFinder performs any search at a higher pace and with precise accuracy in comparison to any other search engine employed for the same purpose. This again validates why people prefer CocoFinder for doing a background check and other related activities.


  • Effective Customer Support

Another reason why people are inclined towards Cocofinder to verify someone’s identity or even rectify their public details is its commendable customer support. CocoFinder’s user support team is adept, experienced, and is eager to resolve any concern raised by an individual at the earliest.


Undoubtedly, these features and factors speak volumes about the platform and encourage everyone to give it a try. Still, it is necessary to ponder upon several other aspects. Especially the legality of this background checker app.


So, let’s head towards examining whether CocoFinder tool is legitimate or not.


CocoFinder: Is It Legal to Use This Renowned Tool


This background checker platform derives information from public sites and official databases all-over the USA, and present to web visitors in a convenient manner. It does not seek it from private web platforms or support illegitimate data breach procedures. On the contrary, it enlists a set of do’s and don’ts to everyone on how to employ the information fairly. 


Thus, it is completely legit to search for any detail using CocoFinder.


Wrapping Up


Counting on a background check app like CocoFinder is vital for addressing trust and identity verification issues. The platform conducts searches at a faster pace and higher precision, making it convenient for one to deter any suspicious activity or building relationships with a criminal. So, look forward to employing this tool today itself!