Installing NVIDIA GPU Drivers in Kali Linux

Installing NVIDIA GPU Drivers in Kali Linux

How to install NVIDIA GPU drivers in Kali Linux. To use popular password cracking tools in Kali Linux such as Hashcat with NVIDIA GPU’s we need to have our GPU drivers installed correctly.

This guide will show you how to install NVIDIA GPU Drivers in Kali Linux.

Assuming you already have Kali Linux installed open up a command terminal and fully upgrade your Kali Linux install. After Kali Linux has finished upgrading your machine will reboot.

sudo apt update && sudo apt -y full-upgrade -y && sudo reboot

Once Kali Linux has rebooted open up a terminal and use the following command to determine the GPU that’s installed.

lspci | grep -i vga

Install nvidia-driver and nvidia-cuda-toolkit.

sudo apt install -y nvidia-driver nvidia-cuda-toolkit

After NVIDIA Drivers and CUDA Toolkit are installed we can verify that NVIDIA Drivers for our GPU are loading correctly using the nvidia-smi command.


You can check OpenCL and CUDA info by passing Hashcat the -I option. Hashcat relays heavily on OpenCL you can check information about your GPU by entering the command below in a terminal.

hashcat -I

Since we are using our GPU for password cracking in Kali Linux run a Hashcat benchmark to make sure your GPU is working in Hashcat.

hashcat -b | uniq

GPU fan speed

GPU Fan Control NVIDIA Graphics Cards Kali Linux

If you would like to learn more about password cracking and Hashcat we have put together some tutorials for beginners.

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