Get $100 in credit over 60 days DigitalOcean Hosting Promotion

Get $100 in credit over 60 days DigitalOcean Hosting Promotion

Get $100 in credit over 60 days when you sign up to DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean Promotion: Recently we had a project we wanted to host quickly so we signed up to DigitalOcean we are very impressed with there Droplets there very easy to use and the pricing is exceptional. Deploy your next app or project in seconds. DigtialOcean gives you the ability to pay for only the amount of usage you actually use. Leave the complex tasks such as database administration to DigitalOcean they will handle back up’s, updating and more so you can spend more time creating great apps and projects.

We want to share this great promotion with you all. Not only will you get $100 free credit and you will also be helping HackingVision earn DigitalOcean credit.

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Get $100 free credit

Digital Ocean makes it easy for you and your team to create and manage new projects deploy droplets and more you might be wondering what a Droplets are there scalable virtual machines that you can host your project on. What makes these droplets incredible is that you get full root access you can install the dependencies that you need without limitations from hosting providers.

With DigitalOcean you can use Floating IP addresses this will give you and your team the ability to quickly more the IP address of one virtual droplet to another in the same data center.

We recommend setting Billing Alerts by email to keep an eye on your project’s usage.

You have a choice of many different operating systems for your droplets including popular kernels like Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD,  Fedora, CentOS you also have the option of adding CPU optimized and Memory Optimized droplets.