How can Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) Help in Cybersecurity Trends

How can Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) Help in Cybersecurity Trends

Cyber threat is the biggest problem many businesses and organizations come across. Despite technological advancement, it’s difficult to put a stop to all these threats. Cybercriminals or hackers are also coming up with ideas that could match trends and technology.

If you want to be safe from them, it’s best to secure yourself and your business with software or technologies that are effective.

This 2020, there will be new cybersecurity trends that will lead us one step ahead of these cybercriminals.

One of the most growing trends of cybersecurity is known as SOAR or Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response.


SOAR is a combination of three different markets of technology that joined forces to implement a secure system. It allows the collection of security data from various sources. This method doesn’t require human assistance.

It makes the work efficient and effective.


It is not all the time humans can find a way to solve all security issues. Some threats are beyond our control, and we will need the help of technologies and machines to accompany us.

SOAR is a quick solution to the shortage of IT personnel and helps businesses to solve or dwell with security problems immediately.

But to get to know more about how SOAR’s can help a business, here are the things you need to know:

  • Understands new technologies: With SOAR, you can determine how cybercriminals are deploying their latest tactic. SOAR gathers all information from different sources and analyzes the data.

  • Quick response: The faster one responds to a threat, the better it is. SOAR quickly responds to threats by blocking it or quarantining it. It doesn’t take weeks or months to detect any problems.

  • Lightens the workload: SOAR takes some of the mundane tasks from IT teams, giving them more time to work on other parts. This technology can perform tasks such as documentation, reporting, and data collection.

Looking at these benefits, we can be sure that SOAR technology can help in fighting against cyber threats.


Now that we have established the importance of SOAR in building a secure system. Let us see the latest cybersecurity trend how SOAR can help it.


There is an increasing demand for IT personnel than you could imagine. Organizations report that they have a shortage in their security team, and this needed to be filled since the number of threats is increasing.


There has been an immense growth in the cloud-based market in recent years. Businesses see the importance of such technology and how they can simplify and secure their work and data.

But not everything in the cloud is secure. These SaaS systems are also vulnerable to threats as cybercriminals are smart enough to find tools to get into them.


Mobile devices are becoming part of businesses. Most businesses store their data into these devices as employees find it easy to manage it. However, mobile devices often don’t have the security that other devices have. Therefore, it becomes a threat to businesses.

The impact of data breaches on mobile devices is low, but this 2020, the number will increase.


The Internet of Things has made everything connected, making it easier to communicate and collaborate. However, the biggest problem with this technology is security.

Once a single device is compromised, it can become a gateway to enter the system of a business.


We see in many ways how AI is becoming a vital part of our life. But most importantly, AI is starting to become a big help to security programs.

It makes detection of threats easier, it reduces human errors, and it’s efficient.

However, AI doesn’t only stop threats. It has also been a tool of many cybercriminals to deploy their attacks. It becomes a double-edged sword, protecting a business, but at the same time causing harm to it too.


Phishing attack is known for many years, but many people are still victims of this attack. It commonly happens through email. Here, the attacker pretends to be from a legitimate corporation asking an individual to log in on the given link. Once the individual log in to the said link, all login credentials will be sent to the hacker. Giving them the power to do whatever they want with it.

This 2020, the number of phishing attacks will increase despite using effective cybersecurity software.

Together with phishing, ransomware will also become big this 2020.

Knowing about these cybersecurity trends will help you determine what you have to do to secure your business.


At the beginning of this article, we have discussed the benefits of SOAR in a business. Now, let’s take a look at how this technology can be applied in today’s cybersecurity trends.

  • SECURITY SKILLS GAP: SOAR can help take care of some tasks in a security organization by filling in gaps in IT personnel. Therefore, it won’t add pressure to organizations and employees. It also can detect vulnerabilities immediately, requiring a less manual procedure.

  • PHISHING AND RANSOMWARE: Phishing-specific SOAR can reduce the amount of email phishing. Since phishing is a repetitive task, the SOAR system can detect this and remove it from the system or block the threat.

  • PHISHING AND RANSOMWARE: Often it has already caused damage to the user’s computer before it could be detected. But with SOAR, it immediately sees the threat and removes it.

  • BUSINESSES MOVE TO THE CLOUD, MOBILE DEVICES ARE BECOMING A THREAT, IoT, and AI: Therefore, it’s crucial to use a system that can immediately detect these threats. SOAR can work faster than humans when checking the system.

  • ALL TRENDS: Its real-time response will decrease the number of data breaches of a business.

No one software can help in the protection of an organization or business’s data. And, it is impossible to be handled by humans alone. Data security requires the use of automated technologies like SOAR to provide sufficient protection.


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