BriansClub Hacked Over 26 Million Credit and Debit Cards Leaked

Infamous Website BriansClub Hacked Over 26 Million Credit and Debit Cards Leaked

26 Million Credit Debit Cards Leaked!

26 Million Credit Debit Cards Leaked: BriansClub an infamous underground website that sells stolen credit and debit cards has been hacked and over 26 million credit and debit card dumps have been leaked. Over a period of 4 years over 26 million credit and debit cards were stolen from online eCommerce stores and brick and mortar retailers and uploaded to BriansClub. In 2019 alone eight million data records of stolen credit and debit cards were added to BriansClub. Last month KrebsOnSecurity was contacted by an unknown source who shared a txt file containing the plain text of what is claimed to be BriansClub .at full database of inventory of stolen credit and debit cards that they were for currently sale or have been on sale in the past. Affected financial institutions and banks who issued the stolen cards will now invalidate stolen cards from the leak and replace the cards.

For a long time, BrainsClub imitated KrebsOnSecurity’s website and likeness. Copyright reference on BriansClub reads BriansClub 2019 Crabs on Security. Gemini Advisory is a company that monitors and keeps a record of underground market stores that are trafficking stolen credit and debit card information. GeminiAdvisory currently tracks 87 million stolen card records. This means that over 1/3rd of credit and debit cards have been recovered in this one single data breach.

Based on the pricing structure of cards that were sold through BriansClub represents about $414 million worth of lost sales says security intelligence firm Flashpoint.

78% of the illegitimate trade involving stolen credit and debit cards is attributed to only a handful of Dark Web markets. a data breach of this scale will most definitely disturb the underground carding trade in the short term.

Gemini co-founder and CEO Andrei Barysevich told Krebs. “However, since the demand for stolen credit cards is on the rise, other vendors will undoubtedly attempt to capitalize on the disappearance of the top player.”

BriansClub Dump Statistics

2015: 1.7 million cards
2016: 2.9 million cards
2017: 4.9 million cards
2018: 9.2 million cards
2019: 7.6 million cards in 8/12 months of this year

Most of the data leaked in the BrainsClub hack is made up of dumps (Data extracted from the magnetic strip of a Credit or Debit Cards.) Card fraudsters buy dumps and write the data to new credit, debit cards. Fraudsters then use those cards to buy expensive goods from retailers and online stores using the stolen information from the dump.

An analysis based on the future expiration dates of credit and debit cards suggests that over 14 million leaked credit and debit cards from the BriansClub hack could still be valid.

Flashpoint says that approximate sales from BriansClub’s carding campaign are around about $126 million. 9.1 million cards were known to have been sold. Federal prosecutors can value stolen credit and debit cards up to $500 per card. Based on average costs incurred per compromised cardholder.

9.1 million cards = around $2.27 billion in losses