WOL-E – Tools for Wake on LAN

WOL-E – Tools for Wake on LAN Wake Apple Devices

WOL-E is a suite of tools for the Wake on LAN feature of network attached computers, this is now enabled by default on many Apple computers. These tools include:

  • Bruteforcing the MAC address to wake up clients
  • Sniffing WOL attempts on the network and saving them to disk
  • Sniffing WOL passwords on the network and saving them to disk
  • Waking up single clients (post sniffing attack)
  • Scanning for Apple devices on the network for WOL enabling
  • Sending bulk WOL requests to all detected Apple clients.


If you are using Kali Linux wol-e is included by default you don’t need to download wol-e again if you are using Kali Linux.

Open a new terminal and clone wol-e to your device.

git clone

cd wol-e



WOL Bruteforcing

Command: python -a

WOL Packet Sniffing

Command: python -s -i eth2

WOL Detection

Command: python -s -i eth2

WOL Scan for Apple devices

Command: python -f

WOL wake up all stored Apple devices from the above scan

Command: python -fa

WOL Single clients

Credits: RutAnimalJunk –



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