Android hacking with sploitgen with no port forwarding

Android hacking with sploitgen with no port forwarding

hi guys today im showing you how to hack a android using a tool we made sploitgen 

git clone

cd sploitgen

chmod +x

service apache2 start 

service postgresql start


press 1 and enter 

now press 4 

name the payload what every you want as I’m using Facebook for this tutorial 

 now we press enter and with for 30 to 40 seconds ad it will as to start  the msf listener  u wanna hit y and enter  and it will start and gave u a link 


once you get the link the name the payload apk will put underneath the link now we have the link and the payload made we now look a  site called picsee

the link here

now copy and paste the link sploitgen gave u and shorten the link and edit the shortened link and the tumblr  

so go to google images and download the Facebook logo and add it to the tumblr and edit the metadata that pops up 

now press OK and send the link to your targets or friend 

once they install and open the app you will find the meterpreter opening 

now type sessions 1 to open the session 

now your in to the android u wanna type help to get the list of command 

now type any them commands in see what happens me i go for hide icon first  as stops the target removing the payload next one i will show u how to keep control using bash scripts 

here pic of my mobile cam 

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