Phishing passwords

Phishing passwords of Social media accounts

Phishing passwords is fast and easy to set up there lot of tools out there for all different phishing attacks but for now were using a link ??

tool we will be using is called Going phishing Download:

or git clone

cd Goingphishing  chmod +x    ./ 

Going phishing menus

pick the site u want i picked Instagram 

as you see the link it provides u send that to victim but as u see it dose not look believable so we use link shortners  as im using to shorting my link  

now are link is send this or post around 

this will act as target  when they click the link

as you see its a great copy of Instagram log in  

when target logs in thinking it a normal page u get the password and username/email 


we do not support hacking social media accounts as this breach privacy and its agen the law this also worng  

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