Phishing passwords of Social media accounts

Phishing passwords of Social media accounts

Phishing passwords is fast and easy to set up there a lot of tools out there for all different phishing attacks but for now, were using a link ??

a tool we will be using is called Going phishing Download:

or git clone

cd Goingphishing  
chmod +x    ./ 
Going phishing menus

Pick the site a website you want to mimic I picked Instagram.

As you see the link it provides u send that to victim but as u see it does not look believable so we use link shorteners as I’m using to shorting my link.

Now our link is a hacker would send this link or post it around the internet or target individuals in Spear Phishing attacks.

By using a Proxy it will act as the target when they click the link for this demonstration.

As you see it’s a great copy of Instagram login. 

When the target logs in thinking that our phishing page is a normal page you can then harvest any credentials the target enters into the phishing page get the password and username/email 

We don’t condone or support hacking social media accounts this demonstration is written to show you what methods attackers use so you can protect your accounts.


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