Watch How Hackers Fooled Apple’s iPhone X Face ID Feature

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Apple earlier this month released their iPhone X including a new feature “Face ID” for authenticating a user by using facial recognition. The apple’s new facial recognition feature also check whether the person is alive or not by observing the movements of the eyes of the user (claims apple).

Apple announced it as one of the safe and fastest ways to unlock the phone, but Vietnamese security firm Bkav don’t agree with apple with that statement of being safest authentication feature in phones. They mentioned in their blog post about how they were able to fool the iPhone X facial recognition feature with the help of a composite mask of 3-D printed plastic, silicone, makeup and paper cutouts.


credits bkav


Bkav’s CEO Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang, in a press meet explained that Bkav’s research was a Proof of Concept (PoC) and not an exploit scenario.

Up till now, fingerprint is still the best biometric security technology“, Mr. Quang concluded.


The firm also releases Proof of Concept video explaining how they were able to bypass Apple’s Face ID feature using a 3-D printed mask.


In addition to this Quang also explains that to make a Mask, a detailed study of the iPhone owners face is required. This statement also concludes that common users won’t be having much threat from this method of bypassing but in case of billionaires and Celebrities, this may be a major threat.

Only a professional will be able to implement this method to bypass Face ID. So, there is a bit relief for the normal users. The other firms who have implemented thousands of dollars to bypass Face ID still question the legitimacy of Bkav’s PoC.

Bkav’s history makes us believe that the PoC provided by this company might be true, as this is the same company which bypassed facial recognition of laptop makers including Lenovo, Toshiba, and Asus, with 2-D images of a user’s face.


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