Spoof Change Android Device ID (Rooted Android)

Welcome back in this tutorial you will learn how to spoof Android Device ID device ID changer. (Android device must be rooted !)

What is an Android device ID ? Android device ID’s are determined on the first boot of Android devices. This set of unique identification numbers will remain consistent for the lifetime of the Android device.

Android device ID’s are used for market downloads and things such as gaming applications that use Android device ID to verify what device you are using to pay for applications games and other downloads from various markets. Companies use also use Android device ID to check for leaked ROM’s some ROM’s can hold a bug that makes every device that flashes the ROM have the same Android device ID this error can be fixed by generating a new random device ID.

In this tutorial we will be working with 2 applications.

Download and install both applications above.

Open Device ID this Android application will show you what your current Android Device ID is we will be using Device ID to verify if Android Device ID is spoofed.

Open up Android Device ID Changer in the top left of application you will find a button to spoof random Android ID. Alternatively you can enter a new Android Device ID manually.

Now your Android Device ID is changed relaunch Device ID c to verify changes.

You have now spoofed your Android Device ID !