HERCULES – Special payload generator that can bypass anti-virus software

HERCULES is a customizable payload generator that can bypass anti-virus software.

HackingVision installation tips: HERCULES is programmed in Go if your using Go for the first time you will need to set a GOPATH you can do this by using the following commands.

export GOPATH=$HOME/go
export PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT/bin:$GOPATH/bin

You can add default GOPATH to ~/.bashrc to make GOPATH permanent.

For Example:

mkdir ~/.go
echo "GOPATH=$HOME/.go" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "export GOPATH" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "PATH=\$PATH:\$GOPATH/bin # Add GOPATH/bin to PATH for scripting" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc
  1. $ git clone https://github.com/EgeBalci/HERCULES.git
  2. $ cd HERCULES
  3. go get github.com/fatih/color
  4. go run Setup.go
Installation screen shot OS: Linux (Kubuntu 17.04 64 Bit)
	VERSION 3.0.5



Operative system Version
Ubuntu 16.04 / 15.10
Kali linux Rolling / Sana
Manjaro *
Arch Linux *
Black Arch *
Parrot OS 3.1
go get github.com/fatih/
go run Setup.go

WARNING: Don’t change the location of the HERCULES folder.




	Persistence : Persistence function adds the running binary to windows start-up registry (CurrentVersion/Run) for continuous access.
	Migration : This function triggers a loop that tries to migrate to a remote process until it is successfully migrated. 


	UPX (Ultimate Packer for Executables) is a free and open source executable packer supporting a number of file formats from different operating systems. UPX simply takes the binary file and compresses it, packed binary unpack(decompress) itself at runtime to memory.


	AV Evasion Score is a scale(1/10) for determining the effectiveness of the payloads anti virus bypassing capabilities, 1 represents low possibility to pass AV softwares.
	Using special functions and packing the payloads with upx decreases the AV Evasion Score.


  • Binary infector
  • Bypass AV functon
  • AES payload encryption
  • OSX support



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