rarPasswordCracker – Bruteforces a password protected rar/zip file

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#Rar/Zip Password Cracker in python.Software Author notesI had to bruteforce a rar file in a ctf so wrote some ad-hoc code in python. Works in Linux/Windows.

How to use rarPasswordCracker


Install Python if you have not already done so.

launch Python & run script



First clone rarPasswordCracker

git clone

Change in to rarPasswordCracker directory.

cd rarPasswordCracker

Replace RARFILE.rar with the path to the .rar you file you would like to brute force.

python --fr RARFILE.rar -c abcdefghijklmnopqrst0123 -n 6


python --fr filetocrack.rar -c charset -n sizeofpassword

python --fr RARFILE.rar -c abcdefghijklmnopqrst0123 -n 6

python --fz -c charset -n sizeofpassword


CREDITS: GauthamGoli
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