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Crack Rar Zip rarPasswordCracker – Bruteforce ZIP/RAR files

Crack Rar Zip files: rarPasswordCracker – Bruteforces a password protected rar/zip file

Crack Rar Zip files: Rar/Zip Password Cracker in python.
Software Author notes: I had to brute-force a RAR file in a CTF so wrote some ad-hoc code in python. Works in Linux/Windows. 

How to use rarPasswordCracker
WindowsInstall Python if you have not already done so.launch Python & run script



First clone rarPasswordCracker

git clone

Change into rarPasswordCracker directory.

cd rarPasswordCracker

Replace RARFILE.rar with the path to the .rar you file you would like to brute force.

python --fr RARFILE.rar -c abcdefghijklmnopqrst0123 -n 6


python --fr filetocrack.rar -c charset -n sizeofpassword

python --fr RARFILE.rar -c abcdefghijklmnopqrst0123 -n 6

python --fz -c charset -n sizeofpassword


CREDITS: GauthamGoli
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