mimikittenz – Powershell Tool for Extracting Juicy info from Memory RAM

A post-exploitation powershell tool for extracting juicy info from memory.


mimikittenz is a post-exploitation powershell tool that utilizes the Windows function ReadProcessMemory() in order to extract plain-text passwords from various target processes.

mimikittenz can also easily extract other kinds of juicy info from target processes using regex patterns including but not limited to:

  • TRACK2 (CreditCard) data from merchant/POS processes
  • PII data
  • Encryption Keys & All the other goodstuff

Tool Author note: This tool is targeting running process memory address space, once a process is killed it’s memory ‘should’ be cleaned up and inaccessible however there are some edge cases in which this does not happen.

Content credits: the content listed above was provided by Putterpanda if you have a list of favorite repos nows the time to add this great tool to it credits and thanks to Putterpanda lovely tool and it works a charm. You can download Mimikittenz from the download link below please be sure to leave the author of this great tool a star on github



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